Top Ten Best Sites to Download MP3 Music Absolutely Free, Websites

Free mp3 Music Download Sites Internet is a best place to download top songs, music tunes, mp3 musics, movies and much more. In this web page we provide some most popular mp3 music sites using these websites you can download or “stream music”. On the Internet more than 1,232 legal music services available worldwide, suggesting more than 35 million songs. Any musician can sell and promote music online through AmazonMP3, Google Play, Napster, iTunes.

Mp3 download sites are best destination on the Internet to download mp3 music and audio files into your PC, tablet and smartphone. These websites offers a service to share mp3 music with your friends on the facebook, twitter and youtube. In the world iTunes and amazonMP3 most popular platform to download any type of music files and applications.

In this webpage you can find top Ten best sites to download mp3 songs each mp3 music website is rated based on web page design, similarweb data, quality of media files, alexa rank, site popularity in the world, how many ads units display on webpage. some music sites suggest download manager to get best quality music files. Using below mp3 music websites, users can search and download favourite songs &, mp3 files, albums.

1 YouTube Music Alexa rank = Three | Site URL = YouTube Music was developed by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen in march 2005. YouTube web app available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Window Phones. This movie and music site available in 61 language versions through UI. Youtube permits users to view, upload, comment on music movies, share, rate music movies and youtube makes use of Adobe Flash Movie technology to display a broad multitude of corporate media and user generated movie files. Available content includes Tv clips, Funny and prank movies, music movies, educational movies, movie clips, online music streaming, offline music listening and other content such as movie blogging. Most of the music content on YouTube has been uploaded by media corporations including Vevo, T-series, Billboard and Hulu. Top Ten Most Subscribed Music Channels on youtube ChainsmokersVEVO, El Reino Infantil, JustinBieberVEVO, ArianaGrandeVevo, Fueled By Ramen, JuanGabrielVEVO, Trap Nation, SiaVEVO, Cavern KondZilla, GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL.

Two Freemusicarchive Alexa rank = 9,136 | Site URL = is a largest library of high quality legal mp3 music download directed by It was launched in march 2009. Millions of files you can detect on the Free Music Archive. It is a best platform for collaboration inbetween artists and curators, including artist collectives, museums, netlabels, radio stations, music festivals, venues and more. You can also access the FreeMusicArchive extensive MP3 library via Android and iOS devices.

Top Ten Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites | Websites

1 Alexa rank = 6,356 | Site URL = is a place to listen and download best music or songs. If you type song name or singer name in finder bar, you will get a massive list of music results. Download Mp3juices toolbar for google chrome and lightly access its functionality. It provide swift and relevant search.

  • Mp3juices design more ordinary suitable for both PC and mobiles.
  • Music files are managed in three categories (,fresh, top and now playing),.
  • More than 35.Two million visitors use this website to listen music online and download albums.

Two Pandora Alexa rank = 376 | Site URL = is a music streaming site developed and operated by pandora media in 2000. Pandora services only available in US, Australia, Fresh Zealand. This music streaming service can not use without registration. It can be accessed some other devices like (,roky, sanyo, sangean),. It has Paid and free subscription plans. Pandora provide a mini player which has number of limitations like (, artists can’t seeded, songs can’t be moved to another station ),.

Pandora can be run on home based devices like Googletv, Roku, Blu-ray players, WDTv. HDTVs can also stream it.

This website use in some vehicles Hyundia, Mercedes benz, Honda, GMC, Ford, Lexus, Nissan, BMW, Lincoln, Buick, Nissan, Tesla, Toyota, Scion, Mazda, Lincoln.

Pandora iPhone apps installs only with Australian, United State, Fresh Zealand iTunes account. Company founded by Will Glaser, Tim Westergen, Jon Kraft. Company Headquarters in oakland california. 223 million users use this service worldwide.

No. 1 in United States.

Trio Soundcloud Alexa rank = 176 | Site URL =

Soundcloud was founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss in 2007 company headquarters in berlin, germany. It is social and audio distribution platform (, musicians can distribute their music tracks ),. It is distributes music using widgets users can put the widget on their own blogs and sites. Soundcloud enables registered users to record, upload, share and promote their sounds. On the soundcloud platform artists can upload their music file with distinctive uniform resource locator by permitting files to be embedded anywhere. This site have awesome template and music file management.

It has an application programming interface that permits other app/phones to upload music files, API has been integrated into number of applications such as logic pro, garageband. On the soundcloud any user can create profile and groups. visitors may download songs with a “creative commons license”.

  • soundcloud mobile application available for most popular operating system android/,iOS.
  • Good and bad for soundcloud service (, It won the ",schroders innovation award ", ),, (, site has been blocked in turkey ),.

Four Spotify Alexa rank = 197 | Site URL = is a best mp3 and music streaming site to download best legal mp3 musics. Spotify founded in 2006 and go in market november 2008. With help of spotify music search bar you can searched/,browsed music by artist, playlist, album, or record label. It an effortless way to find best mp3 and audio music files for every moment on your PC, Tablet, and Phone. Spotify was available for Linux, MeeGo, iOS, WD TV, Balckbarry, Window Phone, Sonos, Microsoft Windows, webOS, Samsung Clever TV, Android, Telia digital TV, Squeezebox, Openpandora.

  • Spotify users can lightly share any type of music files with friends through sms messages, email, facebook, google plush, twitter and buffer.
  • Spotify works on more than one devices such as Phone, desktop pc and tablets.
  • Spotify radio feature creates a random playlist of songs chosen based on specified genres and decades. Paid account holders are permitted to skip as many tracks as desired but free account holders are limited to five skip.
  • Spotify users can access some other applications billboard,, Soundrop, Songkick, Moodagent, Tunewiki, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork.
  • On spotify users can create and edit playlists with other users and can access approximately 22.04 million musics through catalogue feature.
  • This app developed using c+,+, language with some third party libraries so this is more secure and prompt to download sound files. Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs.
  • Spotify account /, subscription plans :-

Five Amazon mp3 Music Alexa rank = 889 | Site URL =

Amazon mp3 music is an online music store launched on september 24, 2007. It is the very first store to sell music without DRM from four music labels sony BMG, Universal warner and EMI. Amazon cloud player is integrated with music store and permits users to play/,store their songs from apps, desktop, brainy TVs and web browser. Amazon suggested over Trio million mp3 songs from more than 182,343 artists and over 21,321 labels including UMG and EMI music to customers located in the world. It is the world largest internet based company founded in 1996. Company CEO – Jeff Bezos, Revenue =, $,75.03 billion.

6 music.Xbox Alexa rank = 787 | Site URL =

Xbox is a best site to download free mp3 songs. was developed by microsoft Inc. in 2012. It is a add-supported digital music service available on window phone 8, Xbox 360, Window 8, Xbox One, Windows RT, Xbox One movie game console. website has largest digital music catalogs on the planet. This is the easiest way to detect fresh music with editorial picks and features like album, artists and top songs. Xbox provide number of features. Play ad free songs from one of the largest catalogs on the planet. On Xbox create playlists and custom-built radio stations based on artists you love.

  • It is suggest ad supported free streaming on the internet, devices like (, laptops, tablets, computers ),.
  • Xbox Music Pass – With music pass get unlimited access to millions of songs, stream or download as much as you like.
  • Xbox Music Store – is a mp3 megastore where you can purchase entire albums or tracks, you want.
  • Xbox Catalog feature offers 14 million tracks in the US and 31 million tracks globally.
  • Offline listening – with xbox pass users can download DRM (, digital rights management ), protected songs from the Xbox catalogue to any devices.

7 music.Google Alexa rank = 568 | Site URL =

Google play is a digital distribution(,app store), platform for android operating system. offers an online mp3 music store with over 20 million songs, play store available in 34 countries. It permits users to browse and download songs, movies, TV programs, magazines. Google play store devices section permits users to buy google nexus, chrome books, other hardware and accessories.

8 music.Yahoo Alexa rank = 1,416 | Site URL =

music.Yahoo was developed by launch media in 2000 later which acquired by yahoo inc. It is number one online mp3 music site in terms of total time spent by users. Yahoo music free accounts were limited to playing up to 2000 songs per month without any special limitations but the paid account users get more benefits (, High quality sound with unlimited monthly listening, access all artists albums and songs, no commercials or ads ),. Yahoo launchcast player only designed for microsoft operating system, it was not compatible with the mac or linux operating system.

Yahoo music.Jukebox YMJ freeware music player known as music engine, requires Microsoft Windows XP with internet explorer and windows media player. service boundaries users can not skip ads, banner and text ads can’t be blocked, yahoo not provide any play on request or (, playback, rapid forward ), facility.

9 Myspace Alexa rank = Two,265 | Site URL =

Myspcae was developed by Chris Dewolfe and Tom Anderson in 2003, website headquarters in beverly hills, california united state. This website specially developed for musicians and artists, later company possessed by ", pop music singer and actor ", Justin Timberlake. In 2014 it had 1.1 million unique united state visitors. My space users can embed you tube mp3 or music movies in their myspace profiles. It is totally free service. The myspace developer platform based on the open social api which permits developers to share their ideas and write code their own applications.

  • Users can build her own station, able to play it radio channels from the tablet, mobile phone, desktop pc.
  • Users able to join myspace with email, twitter and facebook account. Myspace mobile application available on apple app store and google play store

Myspace application use ten filters Flint, Auteur, Moto, Revival, Lagos 77, Reservoir, Havana, Cine, Dillon, Rye.

Ten Alexa rank = 1,365 | Site URL = is a awesome streaming service which permits users to listen to music content from record labels including Sony, UM group, Warner Music Group on various devices online or offline. Its has 41 million licensed tracks in its library, over 31,432 radio channels, 21 million monthly active users and 6 million paid subscribers as of march 2016. is available for Web, OS X, iOS, Android Kindle Fire HDX, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Website Most Popular in France, Brazil, Germany.

Top 20 Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites | Websites

11 Tunein Alexa rank = 1,275 | Site URL =

Tunein is a radio streaming site founded by Bill Moore in 2002. It has over 1,Ten,000 radio stations and more than Four million podcasts from around the world. service is available on over 56 vehicle models – General motors, BMW (,bayerische motoren werke ag),, MINi, Ford, Tesla. Tunein raised over 40 million dollar in venture funding from Sequoia Capital, GCP, Google Ventures, Institutional Venture Playmates, Jafco Ventures.

Tunein Free and paid (, USD 9.99 $,), streaming services available on all tablets and smartphones, including Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS.

12 Alexa rank = 1,516 | Site URL = is an UK (,United Kingdom), based music website launched in 2002 developed by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Thomas Willomitzer, later was acquired by CBS Interactive. automatically create a musical profile page for every artist, album and track which includes basic data such as name of user, user age, date of registration, lists of friends, groups, favourite tags, events and total number of tracks played. 54 million artists registered, 200 million albums, 640 million tracks available on this platform. suggest paid service (,US $,Trio per month), with extra features such as no ads display, user can access radio on smartphone and hardware devices outside the US, UK, germany. offers more than one features user can create public profile and groups, events, recommendations, tags, weekly generation charts.

13 iHeart Alexa rank = 1,643 | Site URL = is the world most popular free mp3 music download site. In the world every user can lightly explore list of songs and radio stations. iheart music player has a thumbs up and thumbs down rating device which means when you like thumbs up button then song rating will increase or if you like thumbs down button then song rating will decrease.

iHeart service has some limitations such as

  • User can’t rewind, record, prompt forward.
  • Fresh musics on live stations can not be rated. Thumbs up/thumbs down choices can’t be undone.
  • Custom-built stations are limited to one seed and track skips are limited to 6 per hour 15 per day per station.
  • Most Popular in United States

14 Alexa rank = Two,528 | Site URL = offers free and licensed mp3 music. This site was launched in may 2010 by times internet and offers both international music and indian content. Site features songs from 20 languages including the major languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu. mobile application was launched to support all operating systems. Most Popular in India.

15 Allmusic Alexa rank = Two,527 | Site URL =

Allmusic provide album reviews, biographies of artist, catalog data, playlists and other information in the amazon store , aol, iTunes. This is the heart of the naim extended music database. According pc magazine allmusic website very popular in san francisco.

16 Alexa rank = Two,246 | Site URL = is a mp3 download site which offers free music search and streaming supported by display advertisements. It is an American digital distributor of bollywood, english and regional indian music in over 199 countries. Saavn mobile application available for iOS, Android. This integrated social feature permits users to go after the profiles and playlists of their friends as well as celebrities. As of May 2016, Saavn has 9.1 million monthly active users.

17 Alexa rank = 6,513 | Site URL = is an online mixtape distribution platform possessed by Idle media Inc. It specializes in rap, urban and hip-hop music. Datpiff offers more than one features such as Premium paid users have an unlimited number of downloads of any mixtape, Unregistered users are permitted to download for free any mixtape uploaded to the website that has been sponsored by the artist. Registered users are permitted a limited number of downloads of non sponsored mixtapes per day.

Legal Jango Alexa rank = 8,153 | Site URL = Site URL =

Nineteen Jamendo Alexa rank = 13,146 | Site URL =

If you want to listen top songs of the day then jamendo is best website for you. This provide rapid access to mp3 music which you wants to listen/,download to your mobile, laptop or pc. Up to Trio million of songs available here are fully free and 100%, legal. On this website you can view recently added mp3 musics, mp3 archives, songs charts, ringtones etc. you are a singer, here you can publish your songs. Site search technology very strong.

20 Radio Alexa rank = 15,256 | Site URL = is a legal service to listen music live on the web, provide number of features such as (, Live Music Shows, Charts, Articles, Sweepstakes, Podcasts, listen by genre and listen by location ),.

21 Grooveshark Alexa rank = 27,165 | Similarweb rank = 57,128

Grooveshark is an united state based music streaming website. Users can quickly upload and stream songs that can be played or added to a playlist. Grooveshark ",community", is a powerful feature where user can view the number of followers, how many time object has been played, activity of friends. It is free service. Users can search mp3 music by album, artist or through other users playlists. Company created by Josh Greenberg, Andres Barreto, Sam Tarantino.

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