Cruncher Fresh User joined:Apr 26, 2015 When you have a website with over 1 million page views per day and your CTR drops from 2-4% to 0.2-0.6% you do what you need to do in order to check what caused it.

Cruncher Fresh User joined:Apr 26, 2015 I’ve been using AdSense as a primary monitization platform of my website for the past year. Last week, my CTRs commenced to drop, very first on specific ads and leisurely it began to spread across the entire site. After i did my digging i discovered that my ads (i […]

Call me persistent, call me stubborn, call me crazy–what commenced as a petite evaluation of aviation life rafts almost 20 years ago during which I uncovered serious deficiencies has eventually resulted in a fresh and vastly improved SAE Aerospace Standard for aviation life rafts, AS1356.

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Meet the Parents: Masculine nurse Greg Focker meets his gf’s parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is every date’s worst nightmare. Presently Trio.07/Five 1 Two Trio Four Five Presently Three.Legitimate/Five 1 Two Trio Four Five Presently Trio.14/Five 1 Two Trio Four Five Presently Two.94/Five 1 Two Trio Four Five Presently Two.78/Five 1 Two Three […]