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An Online Dating Guide for the Rest of Us

by admin on September 26, 2012

We all have that coworker, sister-in-law or neighbor that found her fairy tale ending on an online date-to-love site like or eHarmony. We use social media for everything else, so it’s no surprise that almost 20% of us have now attempted online dating. Now that it’s an acceptable and “normal” option, how do we play the online dating game and win? Online dating is not the same as playing movie games with ELO Boost services.

The truth is, most of the anxieties and pitfalls of dating are the same on and offline. And landing that very first date with your online sweetheart might take a little more social media savvy than you think. Consider these tips to grabbing the attention of the right guys or gals online.

Selling Yourself is the Same On and Offline

Think of your online dating profile as a very first impression that you actually get to plan out ahead of time. Advertise yourself. Brag gracefully. Why are you a catch? If you’ve got a biting sense of humor, display it off. And if you’re an accomplished chainsaw sculptor, post photos of your work. DonВґt leave behind to trim off that stubby beard. Get you your electrified razor here if for some reason you donВґt already own one…,

If you’re having a hard time putting your romantic c.v. together, consider asking your friends what they love about spending time with you. (If you’re still at a loss, at least mark “modesty” as one of your chief virtues.)

Just don’t get carried away. Getting hyperbolic about your achievements may attract a few more interested parties, but it’s a bad idea to misrepresent yourself. Don’t use an 8 year old photo from your college journey to Cabo just because you look hot. Very first dates are awkward enough. You don’t want to make it worse by having to explain that what you truly meant by “outdoor survival expert” was that your Bear Grylls tribute movie made it to the top of Reddit when Man vs. Wild was cancelled. That’s cool, but it’s not the same.

And while you’re being fair, reminisce to be clear on your “non-negotiables”. If faith is very significant to you or you can only see yourself with someone who shares your obsession with film noirs and whiskey-based cocktails, say so.

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Required Reading: The Authoritative Guide to Safer Hookup

by Online Dating on September Eighteen, 2012

Conventional wisdom tells us to practice safer hook-up. But what does safer hookup truly mean? Asking your peers and consulting the Internet can lead to information overcharge, and you may not be getting the truth. Professionals say that many people are grossly misinformed about safer hookup and so they suffer the consequences.

Check out ourВ six-part guide to safer hook-up.В All of the information introduced has been cautiously examined for accuracy and credibility – this is a guide you can count on, also be free to check out the Oil Zone – Best Individual Lubricants that we very recommend. В Commence here, or leap to a section of your choosing:

Protect yourself, protect others: read the entire guide and stay informed!

Not Your Mom’s Grinder: All You Need to Know About Grindr

by Online Dating on August 30, 2012

Very first launched in 2009 by founder and CEO Joel Simkhai, Grindr is arguably the best “geosocial networking” and location-based mobile app for gay dudes. It is presently used in over 192 countries and includes millions of members, at any given time, 71,000 users are logged onto Grindr and close to a million users log into the mobile app daily.

Grindr has been described by users as a “revolutionary dating implement,” as well as the “scariest gay bar on earth.”  Either way, Grindr has made an indelible mark on the dating scene for gay studs, winning awards like the “Best Dating Application” in 2012 by Readers’ Choice Awards and the Best Mobile Dating App and Best Fresh Technology by the Dating Industry and Internet Dating Conference in 2012.

For boys who want to forgo long and invasive questionnaires given out by overly complicated online dating services, Grindr offers an uncomplicated dating service. You simply download and open the application onto your mobile device. After the program is downloaded, you choose a profile name, upload a photo of yourself and response a duo of questions. When you are ready, sign into the application. As a GPS location-based service app, Grindr will locate other users in your area, as your next date may be standing only a few feet away from you.

Grindr versus Other Dating Applications

Unlike popular online dating services such as Match or eHarmony, one of the benefits of Grindr is convenience and speed: you do not have to email the person you are interested in for over a week and wait for days to set up a date. Users choose Grindr over other mobile dating applications such as Skout or Tingle, as it claims the most users and offers the fattest dating “pool.” In the 2012 Readers Choice Awards, 74 percent of readers preferred Grindr over these other mobile dating apps. Originally made for the iPhone, Grindr can now be downloaded and used on the iPad, Android and the Blackberry. Additionally, there are plans to have Grindr released as an application for Windows-based mobile phones in the upcoming year.

29th Edition of the Carnival of Online Dating

Welcome to the May 30, 2012 edition of the Carnival of Online Dating! This is the twenty-ninth —, and final —, edition of the blog carnival, and we indeed appreciate those who have submitted their links for inclusion. Rediscover our previous editions by visiting our Carnival of Online Dating archives page!

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Date Ideas

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Private Anecdotes

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That concludes this edition. Past posts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Four Of The Thickest Online Dating Lies

One of the unintended consequences of the Internet in general —, and online dating specifically —, has been anonymity. When you get online, you can claim to be just about anyone you want to. There are entire television shows loyal to uncovering folks who are lounging about who they say they are for nefarious purposes, for example. But even if your purposes are noble, it can be tempting to fib when you’re involved in online dating. The best advice anyone can give you in that regard is to just don’t do it. If youВґre looking for a reliable website where people are true to themselves, then go to and maybe you will find the flawless match.

Here are some of the thickest lies that people tell in the online dating sphere to make themselves seem more awesome or attractive than what they indeed are:

  • I’m ten feet tall. OK, maybe no one is claiming to be fairly that tall. However, most folks do lie about their height. This is one of the more amusing facts about online dating, actually. If you examine the data as to how tall people claim to be and then plot it on a graph, it looks just like actual height statistics. That is, it looks just like it except the entire graph shifts to the right about two inches. This is more common for studs than women. It’s also more common for fellows who are inbetween 5’8” and 5’11” to round up to 6’ than it is for folks of other heights.
  • I’m a bajillionaire. Most folks also bump up their income when they pack out an online dating profile. On average, people overestimate their yearly income on their online dating profile by about 20 percent. The same phenomenon that results in so many more six footers also results in four times as many people claiming to make $100,000 per hear as actually make that amount.
  • I looked good very recently. The better looking a profile picture is, the more likely it is to be more than a duo of years old. People find the best picture they can of themselves for online dating, even if that means opening up back four or five years. Be sure to keep your online dating profile updated!
  • I’m bisexual. Many people who claim to be bisexual are, but many more actually greatly choose one hook-up to the other. We’ll leave this to you to figure out what it indeed means.

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