21 Off-the-Wall Dating Sites to Find True Love, RealClear

You’ve attempted match.com and all the other general dating sites out there and still haven’t come up with a winner on the slot machine of love. Now it’s time to dial in a flawless mate by finding a niche dating site that compliments your lifestyle.

Whether you are a vegan, a tattoo paramour or even a sugar daddy, there is a specific dating site with your name on it.

1. Punkmatch.com

Those having a rough time finding that special someone to share an evening of dinner, wine and Minor Threat cranked up to 11 need look no further. Punkmatch.com is exactly what it sounds like: a Match.com for the intensely tattooed, mohawked, anti-authority set.

Hey, punkers need love, too.

Two. Dead Meet

At Five,000 members strong, Dead Meet has to be the thickest dating site for those in the ",death industry", as the site calls it. That means anyone from morticians to taxidermists to gravediggers.

This one makes an awful lot of sense, considering how hard it must be to meet people when your co-workers consist of stiffs.

Trio. Ashley Madison

Billing yourself as ",The original extramarital affairs site", leaves very little to the imagination. Ashley Madison helps cheaters meet and even boasts technological innovations that help hide its site’s history from your computer and phone.

It sounds a bit icky, but it actually helps those looking for love on non-cheater sites, since studies have shown a significant number of ",daters", on places like Match.com are actually married and looking for an affair. Ideally, places like Ashley Madison sift out those not looking for a date mate.

Four. Beautiful People

Think you’re pretty hot and only those equal or greater to your va-va-voominess will do? Beautiful People claims to be a dating site with a rigorous set of appeal rules to get in, eliminating the chance to date someone who is only beautiful on the inwards.

Five. Cupidtino

Cupidtino is a site that helps bring together those who fear spending the rest of their lives locked into a loveless relationship with (gasp!) a PC user.

Yep, the site caters exclusively to ",Apple fanboys and fangirls",.

6. What’s Your Price?

What’s Your Price? is not only the most unluckily named dating site out there, it is also the only one to combine the best parts of Match.com and eBay.

What’s Your Price auctions off very first dates for those willing to turn their love life into a Wall Street sell-off.

7. Date British Guys

Date British Guys offers a chance to cross the pond of love and links British bachelors with American women. Not sure if there is any wiggle room in those rules, say for Irish dudes or Canadian ladies.

8. Date Skaters

It’s hard finding love when your idea of a romantic time involves finding an abandoned swimming pool to go skateboarding in. Gratefully, Dateskaters pairs up love-hungry rail riders for a match Tony Hawk would approve of.

9. Women Behind Bars

One of many, many sites dedicated to helping inmates find a slice of amore. Women Behind Bars finds incarcerated ladies the man or woman of their fantasies.

Ten. Equestrian Singles

Pony enthusiasts unite! Equestrian Paramours pairs up those who share a passion for equine awesomeness. Not hard to imagine what activity most very first dates involve.

11. Farmers Only

Life on the farm is hard and often lonely. This site helps pair hardworking farmboys and damsels with one another. Proving nothing brings people together like a few hundred acres of crops.

12. The Atlasphere

No, it’s not a joke. The Atlasphere brings together paramours of controversial novelist Ayn Rand. If discussing The Fountainhead gets you hot, this is the site for you.

13. 420 Singles

If you are having trouble finding someone to share your bong and your life with, 420 Singles aims to bridge that gulf. A dating site geared toward marijuana paramours, it is also not hard to figure out what kind of activity goes on during these very first dates, too.

14. Sea Captain Date

Piloting a ship around the ocean leaves very little time for meeting your true love, as any boat captain will tell you. Sea Captain Date offers a chance for singles to find their true Ahab.

(Sadly, many signs point toward this site being a hoax. but a brilliant hoax at that.)

15. Tattooed Singles

Tattooed Singles helps the powerfully inked find romance. With the popularity of tattoos in today’s culture, this site seems a little unnecessary, but who are we to argue with the Illustrated Man and his heart?

16. Geek2Geek

A one-stop shop for all geek loving needs, Geek2Geek plans to get nerds cheek-to-cheek quicker and more accurately than any other dating look.

17. Tastebuds.fm

Another geek site, Tastebuds.fm attempts pairing music geeks together based on their taste in bands. This is actually pretty brilliant and also makes a joy way of living inwards a real life High Fidelity.

Legal. Seeking Arrangement

Sugar daddy dating at its most comfy. The site, which pairs older, well-to-do dudes with junior women even refers to itself this way. You can’t make joy of someone who’s in on the joke.

Nineteen. Ugly Schmucks

Shockingly, this one seems to be real. Now, who would brag to friends that they picked up their latest mate on a site called ",Ugly Schmucks", remains to be seen. It is what it sounds like, a dating service that pairs up the pretty-on-the-inside demographic.

20. Alikewise

Kind of like Tastebuds.fm and a little more diverse than Atlasphere, Alikewise looks at your reading habits and matches a mate based on your literary loves. Eventually, all that Tolstoy on your shelf will help you snag a date.

21. Veggie Dates

Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are so significant to many that they don’t want to waste their time with meat-eating meatheads. VeggieDates pairs up potential vegetarian loves for a tofu-filled good times.


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