Online dating profile tips for fellows: why you should avoid selfies and recall to mention your exes

Guys who discuss previous relationships and children &ndash, while avoiding selfies and use of the word &lsquo,baby&rsquo, &ndash, are more likely to get responses on online dating sites, according to a fresh probe

11:20AM BST 20 Oct 2014

Writing about a divorce or previous relationship in an online dating profile boosts guys’,s chances of being contacted by more than 50 per cent, according to a survey of Four,000 site users.

But women who do the same, or open up about being a single mother, are four per cent less likely to receive messages from members of the opposite hookup, the examine found.

The report, commissioned by dating website Zoosk, also found that fellows were more likely to have success with online dating if their profile featured a picture taken outside (with Nineteen per cent more messages), while women who posted outdoors pictures got 40 per cent fewer messages on average.

Selfies were found to be turn-off when featured on boys’,s profiles but enhanced interest when they were shown on women’,s.

Susan Quilliam, a relationships coach who runs courses in online dating, said women might be more likely to contact a man who mentions a divorce because this offers reassurance that he is now single.

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“,In my courses I get a lot of enquiries about how to know whether people are single from their online profile, and most of those enquiries come from women. If studs talk about exes, women get the impression he’,s being fair and open about his relationship status now.

“,On the other palm, dudes might be more wary of women who look like they’,ve got a lot of relationship history. They want to be the most significant man in a women’,s life. I wouldn’,t say that’,s sexist necessarily, it’,s just down to gender differences.”,

She added that selfies were a no-no for fellows because they so often looked awkward when taking them.

“,The most significant thing in your profile picture is to look welcoming –, I haven’,t found it matters so much whether it’,s inwards or outside –, and that’,s hard to do when you’,re taking a picture of yourself.

“,People are so used to witnessing professional, airbrushed photos in the media so a selfie will almost always look truly amateurish and like you don’,t care.”,

The Zoosk survey also found that guys who used the words ‘,baby’, and ‘,beautiful’, in their very first message to women were Ten and 13 per cent respectively less likely to get a response.

Total words were shown to be significant to both sexes, with people using ‘,ur’,, ‘,b4’, and ‘,cuz’, less likely to be contacted. Writing ‘,rofl’, on a profile diminished the likelihood of receiving messages by 13 per cent.


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