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Time To Go Back To Blind Dating

The Date Doctor believes it is time to bring back the blind date. Two good people don’t need to have all the same hobbies, match through an algorithm or pass a compatibility test to have a connection. All they need to do is find each other.

The Date Doctor knows so many excellent singles and she is ready to send you on your Trio blind dates. She will respect your basic deal breakers but if they are over the top she will not accept you as a client.

How This Works: The Date Doctor will gather some information about you and select three matches for you. You will receive an email with their phone numbers and set up your date. There are a few rules.

  1. You must treatment this with a joy, positive attitude.
  2. The date must be a quick date. Coffee, ice fluid, dessert or a walk in the park are all acceptable.
  3. The man must pay for the very first date (this should only be $Five to $Ten).
  4. You must be willing to date within a one hour radius. I will do my best to keep all your dates closer. If you do date someone up to an hour away you both need to be willing to meet half way.
  5. You need to let your dates know if you don’t feel the connection.
  6. You should have only one brief phone conversation with all your dates prior to meeting them. You should also send a reminder text before the date. If for any reason you feel awkward please do not go. Just let us know and we will gladly substitute the date with another person.

Who is Eligible: In order to be eligible you must meet the following criteria.

  1. You must be willing to date singles who are within your age range.
  2. You must be gainfully employed. If you have special circumstances like you are retired, in school, embarking a fresh business, etc…,We will consider that on a case by case basis.
  3. You must be limber with who you date. A long list of deal breakers will not work.
  4. You must be open to having joy.
  5. You need to have a positive outlook.
  6. If you were married you must be divorced and no longer living with an ex-spouse. If a court date is dragging things out we may make an exception.
  7. You need to have some creative interests and passions.
  8. You need to feel good about who you are! No negativity accepted.
  9. If you have speed dated before you can still participate. We will only go back one year to ensure you don’t meet someone that you met within the year. You may meet someone that you met over one year ago.

Jaimy has been working with singles since 2005 and knows so many terrific people. She recognizes that chemistry and respect are significant and does not believe anyone should ever have to sacrifice either of those two things. If the entire process of finding love is a little breathtaking it is time to call The Date Doctor.

Cost: $100 for the Trio Blind Dates and will be billed once you receive your 2nd date. Payment is due at that time. The Date Doctor reserves the right to decline any client based on her discretion. If any rules are violated in the process you will be liquidated from Three Blind Dates and no refunds will be suggested. There are times when it can take several weeks or even a few months to find your Three dates. If you should begin a relationship in the middle of receiving your Three Blind Dates just contact Jaimy and she will pro rate your dates at the rate of $35 per date. This must be done prior to receiving your match emails.

To get embarked just pack out this form.

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