American Dating

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In this expository, I will attempt to unravel the everlasting mysteries of the hormonally driven world. Beyond the chemical pheromones that draw masculines, females, females and females, and masculines and masculines together, are several key concepts that I, and I alone, understand on every level. The contemporary style of dating has its flaws and advantages, just like every ideology in existence. Here are just a few.

The modern style of dating consists of basically two stages. One stage is privy to the subject meandering around aimlessly looking for a mate that sates some primal physical level. Albeit cynical, this is as true to life as it gets, and is in fact more truthful than the Shakespearean ideal of falling in love with every organism with ovaries within a twenty mile radius. However, once the enthusiasm aspect is sated, stage two commences. This phase prompts the subject to seek out the emotional side of his mate.

In this style, he has something to keep him busy when he and his playmate are not engaged in sexual activity. This non-sexual activity, known as “talking”A?A?A?, or “intellectual conversation”A?A?A? being loved by two mates is a uncommon commodity today indeed. This is one downside to the American dating system: passion is often confused for love, or, in the more common case, is used to substitute emotional connection. This practice is sadly becoming more and more prevalent today, and this process makes the increase in sexual undertakings and less personality interaction more acceptable. This is sad, and the main downside to the dating system we know and love today.

The American system of finding a mate is nothing brief of supple, since if one is not pleased in both columns of the relationship, it is understood, and relatively acceptable, if he moves on. In the old world style of dating, ones marriage was often predetermined since birth if he/she lived in a puny town, and he/she was expected to stick this relationship out until the end, regardless of happiness, and only because it was “decent”A?A?A?. A particular advantage to this method of dating is that it is universally acceptable for one party involved to stir on to better things without the family of the others raising all kinds of bloody hell similar to the Hatfields and McCoys. In summation, today’s system provides a truly wonderful freedom to practice many different people to determine who is truly the best for you. This mechanism does include its fair share of heartbreak, but sacrifices of petite chunks of ones soul are necessary to perpetuate such an fair system. America has always been about progress, and our dating system has not escaped the switches of the 21st century.

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