Struggles of dating someone with abandonment issues

It not always easy to recognize but if you’ve noticed that your partner is overreacting, repeatedly pulls away or being insanely jealous, it might be possible that you are dating someone with abandonment issues. And you have to be prepared for some struggles it may cause.

Abandonment issues are usually caused by a childhood trauma that may have a big impact on your adult life and even on your relationships with other people. It may bring some inconveniences into your dating life but there are still some ways of making your dating experience with a person with abandonment issues much easier.

Be patient

For the person who is struggling with abandonment issues, it’s really hard to let their guard down. It will be even harder if they won’t feel support and trust from the person they love. Try to be patient and discuss all the problems together. It’s really important to communicate with such person and always remind them that they are loved and won’t be abandoned again.

It’s not about you

Don’t freak out because of them being jealous or overcaring about you. With this kind of behaviour, they are just trying to protect themselves from the possibility of being rejected. As it was said before, try to be patient about it and communicate about this problem. Don’t take it personally but still try to create more comfortable conditions for your dating. Don’t give his/her reasons to get jealous or feel that you might reject them.

Let them speak about their worries

There is nothing worth for any person to carry their feelings by they own. Let your partner talk to you about their fears and worries. And show them that you’ll never let any of this happen. Discussing these issues will facilitate the situation for both of you – your partner will be calmer knowing that you’ll try to help him/her with their fears, and you’ll also feel more stable about your relationship as there will be no more secrets and jealousy between you two.

Be honest about your feelings

Not telling your partner about some problems that might appear in your relationship, will only make things worth. Talk openly about your feelings and don’t forget to remind your partner how much do you love him/her. Though, it’s not just about saying these 3 words but about actually giving the true reasons why do you love them so much.

It might seem hard but dating someone with abandonment issues will bring a lot of new emotions in your dating life. These people are actually very loving, kind and ready to give up everything for you. All you need to do is to give them a little bit of appreciation and care. As for us, it’s not too much to ask for.

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