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I choose junior guys as

Mature Women Dating Junior Fellows

In the classic Jack Nicholson movie, Something’s Gotta Give, we eyed how a playboy Nicholson with a love of youthful women eventually came to his senses and was smitten by a classy, mature Diane Keaton. Why did he have this switch of heart? Well you’ve very likely worked it out by now – mature women have some kind of mystery about them. This explains why they are also able to attract and date junior studs effortlessly. A mature cougar can seem a league above a junior woman to a boy who’s only ever dated the latter. We all know the overused story of Mrs Robinson, but in fact The Graduate had an unrealistic ending, as in real life Hoffman would never have abandoned Mrs R! What has often been decried a subversive film actually finishes on a very mainstream note, and not one that we find realistic. Would you truly go for the insipid junior woman rather than the alluring older one?

Youthfull At Heart

Does age indeed matter? We hear this a lot in society today and we think that it doesn’t. Haven’t you ever met anyone who was the same age as you but looked ten years older? Or junior? Or someone who is several decades older but seems to have more energy than you and spends their days climbing mountains or rivaling in triathlons. It’s visible that age is merely a marker but not a very accurate one. What truly matters is energy and the mind. If a person has energy and a positive mindset, they are instantly attractive to people of all ages. This explains why Nigella Lawson, in her 50’s, is universally deemed to be one of the best women in the world. It’s more than her looks – it’s her vitality and positive outlook. This explains why so many dudes want to meet a mature woman.

Treating Emotions

An significant thing worth mentioning to junior masculine members concerns managing emotion. When you date someone more advanced in years than yourself, they will often have more emotional development and harshness than you. This is natural – they’ve been through more and have experienced more ups and downs over time. This is something you need to be aware of, as you can find yourself emotionally exposed in a script where the other party is better tooled to treat any rough bumps. Our advice is to not become intoxicated with your mature playmate. Keep it light hearted and keep spending time with your friends and pursuing your hobbies. These all help you maintain perspective so that you don’t risk getting in too deep. Recall that this is all about having joy, and heartache is most undoubtedly no joy at all. If you can keep this level of distance, you should be set to truly love yourself.

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