2018 eHarmony Reviews: Online Dating

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eHarmony is an online dating service that helps connect people searching for long term or meaningful relationships. It uses its patented Compatibility Matching System that only displays the most compatible members based on your private profile. The service is also available in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. It is estimated that more than 400 people are married everyday as a result of individual connections made through eHarmony&rsquo,s online dating services.

Account Creation

Creating your profile starts injecting basic information on a window at the site&rsquo,s home page. This includes:

After injecting the information above, you are then asked to finish eHarmony&rsquo,s profile creation process. This starts with injecting more detailed individual information.

What&rsquo,s interesting about this is that the site actually asks the number of previous marriages and children if any, if a member comes in divorced as an entry.

This is where eHarmony&rsquo,s matching service truly shines. Based on Dr. Neil Clark Warren&rsquo,s matching system which is based on his more than Trio decades practice of being a clinical psychologist and marriage counsellor. Members go through a series of questions to create a unique private profile and to determine match preferences.

Search Results

eHarmony makes finding your match lighter by using its patented &ldquo,relationship-science&rdquo, method. Match results are based on the comprehensive questionnaire&rsquo,s results which gives a detailed look into a member&rsquo,s profile. eHarmony then matches each member&rsquo,s profile eliminating almost 90 percent of incompatible profiles. Each member&rsquo,s privacy is protected by limiting search results to only those that match your profile.

  • See and review Fresh matches
  • Premium personality profile
  • Archive matches
  • Datebook
  • Subscribe
  • Member ratings
  • Add contacts
  • Date synching
  • $29.95 per month &ndash, 6 month contract
  • $35.95 per month – Trio month contract
  • $51.95 per month &ndash, 3month contract

View your matches&rsquo, profile

Access to the Book of You

See your matches&rsquo, photo

Know who&rsquo,s viewed you

Send and receive unlimited messages

Get your ID verified

Secure Call &ndash, Talk on the phone securely

Premium book of you &ndash, deeper personality analysis

  • Request photos
  • Profile viewers
  • View photos
  • Vies match activity
  • Send and receive message requests

Total Connect Plan

  • All basic plan features
  • Premium personality profile
  • Verified membership information (RelyID)
  • Secure call (anonymous voice call to members over phone)
  • Pause account for Trio months
  • Access to premier team
  • eHarmony secure check
  • Talk with matches over phone without exchanging phone numbers

Albeit eHarmony provides free membership, messaging and communication services are only limited to paid services. Just like its member matching process, communication among members feels guided.

Online Dating at eHarmony

Certainly one of the best online dating sites available today. Very detailed profile creation which earnestly takes time to finish. But this also shows how serious members are of finding a match. Albeit there are no wrong answers, finding the flawless match translates to answering these as accurately as possible. Enrolling is free but features are too limited and no messaging features are available. Joining eHarmony online dating services can be costly but this is more than compensated with the quality of matches it provides. A good choice for online dating services and people searching for long term or serious relationship.

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