The World s Very first Movie Talk Dating App

Movie Talk Dating App

Find your match nearby,

then text &, movie talk. 100% FREE!

Doesn’t use your Facebook account like Tinder.

Doesn’t make you pack in a lot of unnecessary forms like eHarmony.

Doesn’t charge you a monthly subscription like

Download the App is independent, effortless to use, private and totally free. We believe it’s significant to only permit fair people on a dating service, so we use face detection and enforce camera use for photos, ensuring our users are who they say they are. And our free movie talk service lets you to see them live, in person. We believe it’s significant to provide a safe ecosystem that is fully separate from other social media: no Facebook or Twitter logins or connections, no mining of your private data from other websites. We believe in providing as a totally free service. No gimmicks, no tricks, no up-sells. The sign-up form is plain, and doesn’t weigh you down with a million questions about your life history. is the app singles asked for.

Download the App

“YES. This app is so f-ing clever! I LOVE IT!”

“Brilliant !! – I can’t believe this app is free. There are fairly a few dating apps out there on FB &, for the iPhone. Date.FM has put them all to shame. If you are familiar with Hot or Not Date.FM is like that only WAY BETTER because there isn’t a lame/degrading rate me feature and oh yah. Date.FM is FREE with no strings linked. I could go on and on about how much I like this app but I won’t. check it out for yourself, you won’t be dissapointed.”

“Awesome – I usually don’t use Dating Apps, but is awesome! I always hated going through all the preliminary questions and all that bs. DateFM is certainly the best dating community I’ve seen. I’ve already been liked by a few hot women. “

“Good dating app, A+ This app is very cool. I didn’t expect to like a dating app, but this one is way different than the rest. It’s a blast, and does exactly what you want it to do. And to top it all of, it truly is free. Just get it already. A+”

“Elementary, works well and looks superb Ordinary & effortless to use concept. No scale or anything, just a elementary yes/no. Indeed like the design of this. It indeed makes it ordinary to find & talk w/ other people. One of the best looking apps I’ve seen in a while.”

“Not too shabby if I do say so myself! This app is the easiest to use app that I have ever seen. It’s quick and makes it VERY effortless to navigate and check out singles looking for a good conversation ( and maybe more). I also like that it doesn’t give out my individual email or phone to any potential weirdos. It’s anonymous enough to protect me. Ultimately a service that is supple. Kudos to the developers! If your still reading, stop. Go download the app already. This is the best app available! Free is way too cheap for an app that is this joy.”

“The Best! – This is the best dating app! Palms down!”

“Killer dating App – The plainness and ease of use make Date Fm a no brainier. I can’t believe nobody thought of this sooner! Best of all, it’s not connected to other social networking sites so it’s as discrete and safe as you want it to be. A++++++++”

“Effortless to use. nice features.”

“Excellent app! I’m telling all my friends about it. – Clean and plain app. Well thought out. Fine joy.”

– Super Sonic from Sonic Two

“My Dearest Dating App – This app is truly effortless to use and well designed. Glad to see that it truly is truly free. Very recommended, A+!”

“Muy bien! – excelente! gracias! buena app!!”

“Superb idea – Love the idea and the simpleness behind it”

“I love that there are no hidden sign up fees! Beautiful design and indeed effortless to use.”

“Awesome app Truly joy app! Excellent way to meet fresh people, plus very effortless to use!”

“Good way to meet fresh people! This app is a blast. You’ll meet a lot of fresh people truly rapid, and you’ll have a lot of joy doing it too! WAY better than you expect.”

“Brilliant APP – You’re missing out if you haven’t downloaded this APP- Definite must have – Eventually”


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