The matchmaking app for people who want to make friends not love

A fresh app promises to bring people together for platonic purposes only. Josh Barrie fires up his phone and attempts it out

8:01AM BST 14 May 2015

Do you ever get bored of your friends? Perhaps you frequent the same pub with the same bunch of guys and drink the same beer while cracking the same jokes a little too often.

Or maybe you travel a lot and spend too much time holed up in your hotel, wishing you had someone to check out the nice-looking restaurant you spotted in the taxi on the way there.

Either way, you wouldn’t be in the minority of adults if you sometimes wished for a fresh friend or two to inject your life. After school and university –, both moveable feasts of friend-making opportunities –, boys in particular often leave behind how to make close friends. Striking up a friendly rapport with a newcomer becomes the exception, not the norm.

Gratefully, technology is at forearm to help. These days, there are apps for pretty much anything, from getting a cleaner in after a party to chartering a private jet and booking a rubdown. And now making friends can be added to the list.

Wiith brings together like-minded people for friendship

‘,Wiith’,, a fresh San Francisco-based app, is designed to mate you up with people looking for pals. And that’s it. No romance, no lovemaking, just unspoiled, unadulterated friendship.

Think of it as a Tinder for making friends. The premise is elementary: if you’,re fresh to a city, or just want to meet someone fresh, the app connects you with like-minded others inwards a set radius. You sign up via Facebook, build a basic profile, then treatment people for friendship or arrange social events and invite others along.

I arranged a coffee meet-up for Saturday at Five.30pm, which after half an hour a fellow called Harpal said he was coming to. I also followed a man called Jeff, something that means Wiith will notify me when he creates an event, and told some bloke called Youcef I’,d join him for a run on tomorrow at 9pm. Youcef actually approved my coming along, and as I write this very sentence has just pinged me to say ‘,hey’,. I don’,t truly want to go for a run tomorrow. I feel bad now.

Would you like to be friends with Jeff?

It’,s true that the current market for community-based dating and networking is becoming increasingly saturated. A fresh dating app seems to spring up every month, and friendship platforms are following suit –, today, the youthfull, mobile generation appreciates the practicality and instantaneous nature of forming relationships by scrolling through pictures and sending a few messages.

With that in mind, Wiith already has a few similar models to rival with. There’,s Skout, which brands itself as more of a friend app but has morphed into more of a dating landscape. Peoplehunt exists, too, albeit it is now mainly a implement for finding others who might be able to help you with something (language exchange classes are popular on the format).

The most popular friend app around at the moment is Meetup, by a open up. However, the app was founded as a website, its mobile platform isn’t the smoothest, lacking the responsive, quick-fire style of its fresh competitor.

Wiith co-founder Jeff Hodnett told TechCruch that he believed Meetup is “,too rigid”, for more natural, spontaneous get-togethers. It’,s here where the app’,s likeness to Tinder becomes starkly apparent. The fresh model is evidently more fluid, liberate, and emerges to favour randomness –, all things youthful people love.

“,We think Wiith is a lot more spontaneous than Meetup, along with not having the dating stigma of Tinder,”, Hodnett said.

If Wiith does manage to attract users and take on some of Meetups’, 20 million-plus fan base, it could prove a popular choice for business travellers keen to find someone to share an evening meal with, and city new-comers hoping to track down a running playmate within hours of unpacking their trainers.

As for me, I’m hoping that some of those people sign up in the next 24 hours and make Youcef a decent suggest.

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