Online marriage and matrimonial – Advantages and Disadvantages of internet marriages

Let us agree that internet has switched our life in every way, form and form, even the way many of us get married. Not long ago, there was a time when almost everyone use to find their bride or bride grooms only by referrals from friends and family and most marriages were arranged marriages only. Marriages done from other sources (including love marriages) were often not very well accepted in our society. Online marriages or finding the matrimonial online is the latest trend and in this article we have attempted to list the advantages, disadvantages and benefits of finding the right match online.


A good profile should be always accompanied by a latest picture. It is useful because for most people looks matter significantly and you do not want to waste time with people where the proposal gets declined because they did not like the photo. It is usually better to go to a nearby photo studio and get a good picture clicked professionally.

The best way to do is to spend atleast Two days looking at online profiles of other people and figure out which presentation and format is most appealing to you. It is always recommended to be truthful but do not over-tell about your private details. For example it may be a good idea not to give your exact home address, not to mention the exact salary and company you are working (use a salary range instead). Most matrimonial profiles tend to overstate the skin colour by at-least one shade, it is up to you how to present that.

– Brief paragraph about you 4-5 lines (too long can be boring).

– Your education, plus academic grades if you are a good student.

– Extra curricular activities.

– Cooking (even guys .. ladies like guys who can do light casual cooking even if it’s once a month).

– A brief description of your job.

– Your parents, siblings and what they do.

– Your likes and dislikes.

– Very clearly describe what kind of a fucking partner you are looking.

– References: Available on request.

Three month membership is about 1500 rupees. Longer the membership, lesser you pay per month. Most websites suggest upto a 12 month membership for around 4000 to 5000 rupees.

You can select from the broad diversity of matrimonial profiles and not just the people you know. You can literally shortlist the suitable matches based on education, religion, caste, salary, location, hobbies, personality and even looks. Similarly you can post your profile and let others contact you in the same way. You can even include or exclude people with special circumstances like people with disabilities, divorce or widow. Because there are millions of profiles online the fattest advantage of finding a match online is undoughtedly “The Choice”. Even if you were taking out your matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper, your voice is still restricted to the territory where that newspaper is circulated. Albeit it is a good idea to place your advertisement on internet and newspapers for maximum exposure.

Albeit in most of the online matrimonial / matchmaker sites the basic listing can be free but in order to commence a real conversation inbetween both the interested parties, you have to upgrade to a paid membership which is also fairly cheap and is within a few hundred rupees. therefore it is best to have a paid membership from the embarking itself rather than having to upgrade it later on..

In most arranged marriage proposals, people use to hesitate sending photos, even when they did fasten a photo there was always a problem of getting back the photo if the proposal did not work out. Here you can just shortlist the profiles with pictures only.

This is the thickest drawback when attempting to find a life fucking partner online. You have no idea how much truth a person has written. Everyone attempts to grind their matrimonial biodata with lies and deception and many cases go too far in order to get the conversation began. On the other arm there is more truthful skill about the background of your possible bride/groom if you have met the person or if your friends or relatives know the person. False photographs, lies about salary and family background are not uncommon in online marriages.

Once something goes on internet, there is no gurantee how far all of it will go. In most cases it is not an issue, therefore refrain from providing any information which may be sensitive to you. Provide those details only which are sufficient to establish a contact with the other party.

If your marriage was made online, there’s a one in three chance that you will be sitting in front of a marriage counsellor, say experts. Psychiatrists in the capital have recorded an increase in the number of married couples, who met in cyber space, seeking counselling. In Arranged marriages, the man and woman come from a similar background and therefore share the same views of marriage and family, the chance of divorcing due to irreconcilable differences is not as strong as in western cultures or online marriages.

There is no way to tell if the other boy (or dame) is truly nice or not. Did he have too many affairs or for that matter even having one or not, whether the person is a mighty drinker or smoker etc. There infrequent cases where people have even attempted to re-marry using these online websites. Making an opinion about a person and his family background within a few meetings or phonecalls can be fairly risky.

Using internet as a medium to find your life playmate is a good choice, but be careful of people who put false and overly exaggerated statements in their biodata.

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