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You see that someone have checked you out and you like? : ask them directly!

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Until they contact you (or you them), disregard the rest of it. And don’t get embarked on the Meet Me feature, just look that up yourself with a thread search.

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The person on the other side of the screen doesn’t know you. WHO CARES if you message them and they don’t react or don’t have interest? Just budge forward and stay proactive.

I’m not good at remembering quotes but I like the one that basically says the only failures you will certainly have are the risks you DON’T take.

You’re setting yourself up for failure each time you make assumptions and are not proactive.

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If they like what they see they will message you, if you like someone you should message them. Favorites and Meet Me are other instruments but there’s nothing more private than sending a message.

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On the other side, Im pretty much rooted where I am at, so if she lives a good 11 hour drive away. its probly not worth the effort or gas on the weekends, even tho’ I may absolutely adore everything else you have posted. Theres a number of reasons why I would contact someone, and a number of reasons why I wont.

Grossly obese. If I gotta haul you around in the bed of my pick up. then no thank you.

I dont mind bein with a larger woman, but at a certain point. please get help.

Too vain/doesnt take care of herself. Both of these are identically bad. on one side too much overvalue on appearance, and the other you have to wonder if they even care about anything.

too many children. very sorry I dont mind one or two kids, since Im dating the mother, not the children, but if you have Four+ running around, I feel a bit awkward with that, especially if things budge to a point where I may be introduced into their lives. Also I dont want to pay for child number Five. IJS..

Too many times a profile is just pretty much blank and I have nothing to say, and even worse, its way too utter.

Oh yeah, before I leave behind, you stand me up for a date, dont worry about contacting me again, or me contacting you. Cause I feel like if thats the case I may as well go do somethin by myself, and find someone else.

If I truly indeed like something special about you, I might even spam ya.

Maybe I should just post this to my profile.

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Some are too far away.

Some are just surfing the pictures.

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I’m famous for missing vital information the very first time I read a woman’s profile, hence the numerous views. So it takes me a few times before I feel I have a good sense of who she is, what she truly wants and if I’m someone she might like to know. Some profiles are very vague, others have a novels worth of requirements a dude must meet. It can be like navigating a mine field. One profile I read, lead me to believe I was a ideal match for this lady, so a wrote a polite email mentioning the many things we had in common. Then without a reply, she blocked me. I wasn’t rude, didn’t mention hookup, nothing, oh well. Online dating can be very hard, in person you can tell if there is a mutual attraction. On here it’s a crap shoot. Don’t take it personally, when the right one comes along he will get in touch with you.

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could be just checking out pictures, to read profile, to get noticed

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