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Please read this before signing up to or even I am very disappointed with because they are a fraudulent business and they will scam you. I joined on 19th Sept 2016 and on 8th October 2016, I got an email notification that was now a part of I did not get alarmed as I thought both companies were merging up. As soon as I was on, I was getting a lot of messages from other profile users. It’s human nature to be excited in a fresh online dating site. In order to read any of the messages, I had to pay a membership fee to read them. I went ahead and picked a one year membership which was a mistake because I should not have trusted the site to even go ahead and pay for a one year membership.

I paid the fee with my PayPal account and that was the end of it. I was able to read my messages, but it was all junk messages from fake profile members. I recall there was one particular profile I kept receiving messages from and after I responded to the profile, it was no longer there the next day. All the messages I received were mostly computer generated messages from users who were not even close to where I live. In addition, went down and I could not even log into my account for several months considering I paid so much money for it.

I was able to log on to the website a few days before Xmas and the website went down again and as of today (31st Dec 2016) I see it is up again. I attempted calling the customer care number and I wrote several emails to them asking for a refund but nobody has ever responded to me. I do not want anyone else to lose their money with a scam online dating website like and so I hope that this review helps someone somewhere stay away from it.

I joined several weeks ago. Now each time I wish to visit, I see an ERROR message. I signed up to access MM for a three month trial, but I’m afraid the paid period will end with no more visits from me. Also, when I was able to visit the site, I’ve told them I wish to see someone 25 miles from me, l and keep getting people from 100 miles or a state away. They don’t seem to pay any attention to customers wishes. I keep getting pictures of women half my age. It’s a waste of my time. They should either attempt to hook me up paying attention to my requests, or come back my $Sixty nine.95.

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Defrauded by – I ordered an membership for 1 month for ?24.95 on 26.05.2016. After Five days deleted my profile. also canceled my automatic payments, but until now I didn’t get back my money. OK, it is about 6 days now (today, 01.06.2016) but they also didn’t write back to me. What are we able to do against this flow of crap? I will call up all the people who also get defrauded by this swindler. Does anyone have a plan to fight against them by law? Or is it unlikely? Otherwise if we are not able to win we have to stand up and hire a hacker or killer to get them down as they have deserved. is a total scam, some of the profiles are real but most are fakes made by Matchmaker itself. Originally it’s free but you have to pay to see “messages” sent by other “members.” I received several about Ten messages, all generic “how was your day” or something similar. The messages were from members hundreds of miles away, and no one ever responded if I messaged them back. This proves Matchmaker is committing fraud by sending messages to scam people, but good luck getting your money back.

I am attempting to pack on form on and when I do all that, it then said go to step Three to add my picture. Nothing happens and I need to pack it all over again and again it will not let me go to step Trio.

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I signed up on a friend’s recommendation in June for six months. I was very specific about age ranges/geographic location of my desired matches. None of the fellows who have “contacted” me have any college (a requirement in my profile). None of them lived within 30 miles, 99.9% say they are in “construction”. None of them ever had anything to say anything beyond “Hi, how are you today?” Suspicious yet?? Ample crimson flag. The one person I attempted to send email to telling that he was way too youthful and lived too far away responded telling that “he hadn’t joined yet so couldn’t read my email, could I call him.”

I think this company gave away subscriptions or created phony ones to lure people in and inflate subscription numbers. When I attempted to call and cancel my six-month contract, they wouldn’t consider any sort of rebate, and the email I sent came back with grammatical errors, leading me to believe that they are a bogus Indian company. Long story brief, their idea of resolution is to cancel my membership with no refund. People, be aware, this company and the so-called website is a total chunk of phony crap, and they should be investigated/put out of business. Good distress!

Aside from their utterly odd business model, which I take total responsibility for attempting, (a idiot and her money. ) they tell you never to call them (only OK to call them BEFORE you send them money, NEVER after). You’re supposed to email them. You can email them until hell freezes over then you will NOT get a response. They pretend to note what you’re looking for, and will possibly match you with the masculines if you asked for masculines, but beyond that, there is only a remote chance that the ‘match’ will have any of the qualities you want. You’re better off at home wishing indeed hard for a date than spending your money with these bozzos.

They told me over the phone (when they were friendly and responsive, and utter of pony feathers) that the programs commenced at $500. In person, the programs began at $2700. They went through an elaborate, no doubt scripted deal, where they said, “OH! We must have heard you say you were 62 (I’m 52), and we suggested you the ‘senior citizen introductory plan.'” The same woman who ‘heard’ me say 62 also agreed that boys age 47 – 57 were ideal for me! Indeed. 47 year old boys want to date 62 year old women. They’re banking on our stupidity. Don’t play their game.

I had a subscription to for Trio months because I found a discount. After that Three months, I was contacted by them via email and this is what they said: “Update your credit card info. Time is running out! The credit card that you used when joining will expire soon. This is your last chance to update your credit card information before your membership may be cancelled. Gold Members receive the highest ranking in our search results and therefore, have the greatest chance of being noticed. Your subscription will expire on 2013-12-03. UPDATE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION NOW”.

When I received my latest credit card statement, there was a $50.00 charge on 12-3-13 from matchmaker! I contacted them via email and phone as to why they charged me as the email stated my subscription was going to expire AND they did not have current credit card information. They stated that it was automatically renewed and there is no refund policy. I argued the point that there were TWO reasons why I should receive a refund: 1) the email stated my subscription would expire on 12-3-13 and Two) they did not have current credit card information and, therefore, why would I have to contact them to cancel a renewal?

They again replied there is no refund policy and all subscriptions automatically renew. I asked to speak with a manager and he told me he was a supervisor and that he was the final point of contact. I repeatedly asked for a manager and he refused to transfer me. Not only is this company a scam and a fraud, but they are holding my money hostage by outright refusing to permit me to speak with someone at the manager level AND refusing to refund my money!

This place in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a total scam. I was separated from my spouse when I went there for a meeting with the “proprietor” Kim **. I packed out the necessary forms and paid $500 (which was very difficult for me being on my own). She told me about Three potential matches which of course sounded fine! I went on only 1 date, and the man was nice but he had none of the qualities that I had put down on the forms I packed out. I never was matched with any of the Three guys that she originally told me about. My “date” also said that he had never been matched with any of the women that he was primarily told about either! My hubby and I got back together and I informed Matchmaker of this. About Five months later, I received a letter from a collection agency telling that I owed Matchmaker $2400! I have hired an attorney to help me with this. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF.

I have sent a number of emails to complaining about how terrible their service is (in all the time I have had it, I have not gotten even one real connection from anyone) that it borders on fraud and that I would expect to receive total refund as a display of customer fairness. Here is an example of how terrible the service at is. I received this email from their Admin Dept: “We matched you with debbyinphilly and she said yes. She’d like to meet you. Take the next step and see if the attraction is mutual.” When I clicked on the member link, the Admin sent me here and this is what I found: Joyful308 (Deleted). The profile you are attempting to access has been deleted and is unavailable for viewing. Members delete their profiles when they have found their soulmate.

They actually send me a supposed response from a member that doesn’t exist which is total misrepresentation of their service. Here is the response I received from them. As you can see, they take no responsibility for their incompetence and are dedicated to keeping every penny they receive. “When you upgraded your account, you agreed to the terms of the program, which state that your membership will automatically renew every 30, 60, 90,180 or 365 days depending on your program selection, until your membership is cancelled. This was stated at the bottom of the secure billing page and again in the confirmation letter you received upon receipt of your payment. By submitting your payment information, you have stated that you have read, understood and agreed to all billing terms introduced. For this reason, we are incapable to provide a refund to your account. Thank you for your business.”

In 1992, I paid up-front for the service and got nothing. I contacted the company directly and they said they would give me my money back. I ended up taking them to court in Texas and won my case. The company packed up and moved out of the state and didn’t pay. I have all the documents. Now that the internet is available, I can make a louder noise than I was previously capable of.

I found them online. I signed up online for what I thought was a free service. Someone called me and made an appointment for a private interview. I went through what they said they could do. I was very affected. I was told the price was $Ten,700. I thought and said that that seemed awfully steep and didn’t they have some else less expensive? She said no and that everyone pays the same. I signed up figuring that at least, if people had to pay that high a price that at least you would get quality people.

I also told them no smokers please and at least Five’8″. The very very first person I met was a smoker and maybe at one time in his life he might have been Five’8″. Another gentleman could never be reached. I went back to their office several times to ask them to send me more than one connection a month. They said they would but never came through. Also, they tell you not to discuss what you had to pay for the service. Now, I understand why. I never asked anyone what they paid. It was suggested in conversation.

One man paid by the month, which was never suggested to me. I need to pay right up front and didn’t I have a credit card I could use? At any rate, that man paid either $100 or $150 a month and could stop anytime he dreamed to. The other man said he paid $3000 for the same thing I paid almost $11,000 for (did she see me coming or what?) I asked the people at MatchMaker about the difference, which was never suggested to me even when I asked for something less expensive. They said that the one man bought someone else’s which was never suggested or mentioned to me. I called the proprietor in Florida and got a voice mail, left a message. She never called back. The office that I was working through did call and was not blessed that I had attempted to reach the proprietor. They said I could. They would attempt to sell my membership but only for a brief length of time.

The last time I went into their office, they were rude and not willing to do anything. I truly feel I was taken advantage of. Yes, I am a grown woman but I also believe in people when they tell me something, which was a big mistake in this case. I could have found a better quality of people on my own. That’s why I went there as I figured if everyone paid that price, as they told me they did, I would find someone decent. I truly felt I was cheated by their slick ways and pretending to be nice and care about you. I realized everyone needs to make a living but it shouldn’t be by deceiving others.

Can you help get my money back and get the word out to others about their deceitful ways? If you need more evidence, I know someone who signed up there and had a similar outcome and would be glad to help with any investigation if necessary. Thank you for anything you are able to do.

I’m writing to add my opposition to these people scamming others. Fortunately, I’m just brainy enough not to have been taken in before I spent money. I have confirmed that this company is creating fake profiles, with pictures and information stolen from other dating sites, in order to get other hopefuls to pay them to get access to email messages from the phantoms. There are presently several recognizable fake profiles there from the D.C. area alone. The scam is elementary: you sign up and create a profile for free. They wait a day or two, then send a fake email message from one of their false profiles that fits your desires. When you attempt to view the message, you find that it will cost you $35 to do so. In my case, I instantly recognized the picture linked to the message, contacted the woman through other means, and confirmed that she didn’t even know that a profile for her had been set up on matchmaker. This is not an example of someone else committing fraud against Matchmaker. This is obviously the company themselves.

My playmate and I use a unique email address to communicate with one other party, and no-one other than this person uses that email address. That unique email address has been registered as a free entry with, we have called asking for the IP address of the computer used to register our email address but they say it is confidential information.

I have since looked at the matchmaker site and can see that anyone can register any email address with no verfification . how can we stop this hapening or at least prove the computer that was used to register on the site.

The party worried is the father of our daughter who has limited visitation. We have now received over 200 unsolicited emails on our email now all of which commenced straight after the Matchmaker registration. pro review by Mark Brooks, launched in 1996, is one of the oldest dating sites on the Internet. The company is intended for users 35 and older.

Free membership: It costs nothing to join Matchmaker, making it is one of the best options for anyone looking for a budget-friendly matchmaking option.

Relationship focused: The company is focused on pairing people looking for serious relationships, which means users won’t be disappointed by users with different expectations.

Local pairings: The site requires users to come in information about where they live or where they are located and offers users potential pairs by proximity, which makes it effortless to find singles in a specific area.

Complicated algorithm: Matches are made by a complicated algorithm that takes into account more than 50 aspects of a person’s personality, making it more likely to find a good match.

Numerous religious included: can pair people based on their religion, and there are people of a broad diversity of religions on the site, the site has specific sections for users who are Christian or Jewish.

Best for: Single youthfull people looking for a relationship, and divorcees or widows/widowers looking for fresh love.

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Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an accomplished in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is presently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs He prides himself on being a Fresh Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn. Company Information

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