Review – Is it Legit or Scam – User Complaints is an interesting web site that claims all its opportunities are free for all. On very first page it seems truly like a 100 years old web page with its poor design but you can see near 1000 people online at left dashboard if it truly shows the truth ?? Many of women online seems from russia or ukraine so it is very adviced to not sign up here.

The administrative staff at personally reviews every profile before permitting it to be placed on the site. The company claims that most members typically find a match within minutes of registering for a free account. Members can search profiles by gender, profile ID or email, age, country, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and many other criteria. Members are urged to report manhandle or scammers using a specialized link at the bottom of the home page. The company promises affordable, competitive rates and is proud of the over 50 million views the site receives each month.

Memberships are downright free and there is no charge for unlimited communication, nor are there any rigorous rules about exchanging individual information over the website. Reviews on the Net: has received a lot of reviews. When we checked it online if it is scam or legit most of these reviews are positive however there are a few negative responses.

Why not use a free service. Of course, you won’t be able to date the Nineteen or 20 year olds here. But you can meet beautiful fair women. Use good services, stop using the bad expensive ones. They do not “employ” fair women. And even if they did, why would you want to talk to women who are paid to talk to you?

This service has beautiful women who are actually available. There are many fakes, but this site is free. What do you expect? And if you send money, you are a sucker. I met a lady in Kiev. She was youthful, gorgeous. But after a duo of days she asked for money.

David Brunner from trackingpilot

I had no problems to register and accomplish my profile with pictures. The utterly positive aspect is that it’s all truly and entirely free, and this is significant, nothing puts us safe from scammers, but the fact that it is all free keeps largely away. I chatted with many women and never asked me any money or attempted to trick me, I did it anyway controls crossing data that I found in social networks and found no cases of demonstrable fraud .. For these reasons, I think we can accept that under technically there is some gap, however, faced with problems like the one described here, you can cancel the account and redo, so it does not cost anything and you will not lose anything. Good dating at all !!

gianfranco from reviewoped?a

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It’ truly seems like a russian developed un-honest service, you can check it but be careful, most likely they will be seeking for your money. Can be just another scam, just like

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Brilliant site…,. One of the most fair you will find to meet Eastern European women…,. Talked to Five women, all genuine and one of them was the love of my life. Very recommend fdating

fdating site is a total scam. I have met many women from Ukraine and they are all scammers from that site.

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