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Woooo! Teenage talk! Awesome place to be. I’ve met some amazing friends here. I’ve even met my best friend here 🙂 Ann! 🙂 Shes amazing. Come visit us in the Emo room.


Cool, site, meet lots of ppl who play guitar and skate just like me 😀

Teenage Talk is a gr8 website! I meet a lot of people here and they’re all dead on!


I love teenage talk! It’s the best free talk ever because u can go into any room you want &, u dont have to talk to a bunch of weirdos!


teenage shack is a excellent way to meet fresh people, teenage shack has been a big help to me , it helped me find fresh friends , with out telin my individual business.


I absolutely Love Teenage Talk<,Three Ive been coming here for about a year now &, Ive made so many fresh friends, Most of which I still talk to. 😀 I Love how there is a place on the web for teenagers like me to meet &, talk with other teenagers. This site Rocks!

Dava Disaster

I love these talk rooms! Its very joy and different from any other talk room I’ve ever been in its just fantastic. I come in here almost everyday now Cause I meet a lot of fresh people. So talk on!

Man these talk rooms are so awesome! I have met so many good mates from here, and the best thing is I am still meeting fresh people. This site is very well done. XOXOXOXO to all the Perth peeps out there!


Teenage talk is the best site to meet fresh people! i haven’t been coming here Four long but ive met some superb people!!


I love teenage talk. I have met so many interesting people. It’s cool just to have a place to suspend out with strangers your age and not worry about violence or any weird things that happen normally. I mean you can’t truly fight over the internet. Until next time, Ciao!


i think teenage talk is a indeed kool place to go! iv met alot of mi bff here, its nice whne ur kinda bored and u can juts go talk to someone! im usually under EmO-cHiCkxx if anyone wants to talk look me uo

Ashley [middle]

I’ve been using teenage talk for two years now. If you’re just browsing the web right now, I very recommend you attempt at least one talk. I have made unbelievable amounts of friends here, as if it were a real community of its own. A lot of the people are supportive and will listen to anything you have to say. We all welcome fresh chatters daily. so come on in!


Teenage talk is one of the best free talk places online. when ever I’m bored I just go on here and have a freakin good time! and i think everyone else does XDD


I just love Teenage Talk because its soo effortless to make friends and I’ve met lots of hot, sexy guys. My nickname is usualy SexyBabe, so look out – guys!


Teenage talk is SICK. Here you can meet strange and weird people. You can usually find me in teenage shack im on 24/7


Teenage Talk is like the best free talk out there. and to be fair I come here to have joy!

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