AARP Dating, Review

AARP Dating Review

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AARP Dating is more than just a dating site with seniors in mind, it also has a lot of information and events around dating, friends and family, hookup and proximity, caregiving, your home, technology, money, entertainment, food, travel and much more. This makes it a good resource for many things in life, but how useful is it going to be in helping you to find a date? Well this might depend on what you&rsquo,re looking for and where you live.

Let us explain what we mean by our somewhat ambiguous comment above. This site has slew of members, albeit not as many as you&rsquo,ll find on the big players in online dating. Its profiles are also a bit less developed and you&rsquo,ll find fewer &ldquo,dating&rdquo, features than many sites. All of this is a bit disappointing, but all hope is not lost. The basics are here, and you can contact members lightly so long as you&rsquo,re blessed with sending messages or having a quick talk.

Whilst searching is a bit underdeveloped in areas, it&rsquo,s still useful for most purposes. When we performed searches we found far more members in some areas rather than others, and &ndash, unsurprisingly &ndash, the vast majority of these members are in America. If you didn&rsquo,t know this already, the AARP was formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, a non-governmental organisation which was set up to suggest support and life opportunities for older people.

So, if you&rsquo,re in the US and looking for a date, you might stand a decent chance here. Also, they suggest a money back ensure if you fail to find a real life date through their dating services. This brings us to price: AARP&rsquo,s dating services are remarkably cheap, particularly in comparison to a number of its peers. Anyone who is already an AARP member gets 50% off when upgrading their dating profile, which is undoubtedly worth considering because you&rsquo,ll get a bunch of extra benefits on top of your discount.

We liked a duo of little extras that you&rsquo,ll find around the site, including the capability to post a date idea. If someone likes your idea they can let you know, you can take a look at their profile and get in touch. This is a friendly low-pressure way of meeting members based on more than just looks. You can also explore other people&rsquo,s dating ideas to see if anything grabs your attention.

However, despite AARP being designed for older people, we found that many of the members on the dating site were fairly youthful. If you&rsquo,re looking for someone a bit junior (or you&rsquo,re a junior person looking to meet someone a bit more mature) this is good news, but it does seem a little skewed considering the site was intended to help mature people meet. Well, at least there&rsquo,s some choice.

AARP-Dating has a lot to suggest. We&rsquo,d recommend registering for free and performing a few searches to get a better sense of how the site works and whether or not you think it&rsquo,ll help you to find who you&rsquo,re looking for.

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