Five Free Online Movie Editing Sites Reviewed

Some people would be astonished that you can edit photos online without locally installed software, but surely movie editing is too resource-intensive to be done over the web, right? Wrong! We review five online services that let you do things like scene transitions, cuts, splices, loops, audio overlays—,and they’re all free. We tested the following:

None of these free services is going to put installed movie editors like Pinnacle Studio or the $800 Adobe Premier out of business. If you’re willing to spend about $50, you can go with Pinnacle Studio or Ulead VideoStudio. But these free online services suggest a way for regular Joes to have joy manipulating their multimedia digital content and also give them an effortless way to share them with friends and the world at large.

Let’s begin with our very first movie editing site in this roundup: Cuts. Continued…,

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it gives maturity to make fresh project movie we can adjust transition, movie effect, and contrast/ brightness.

Funny – from 2007 to 2011:

None of the Five tested movie editing services exist anymore.

Hehe, that’s sad, but perhaps not that surprising 🙁

Actually “ (the final one reviewed, and one of the services they indeed liked) is still alive &, kickin’. just embarked BETA and it totally free. Pretty powerful editor too.

where are the reviews?

where are the reviews?

none of them work anymore:(

RSI SAKINAH MOJOKERTO telp/sms : +6285648280307

One True Media and Cuts (Now Rifftrax) still exist and work – not realyl viable options for movie editing tho’ (For free anyway).

What’re you doing in this post? It’s ancient!

I guess your Yet Another Related Posts plugin, or equivalent, linked me here from the robodog article. Got me thinking about reviewing days-gone-by start-ups tho’ – reckon ET could supply a ‘,best of’ type of failed, or bought, start-ups which have yet to produce?

Ah-hah! That makes sense —, good point.

Start-ups aren’t truly our thing. If it was truly cool, maybe.

Did you see this?!/ExtremeTech/status/166966098661613569

I had not. Could be of ‘,extreme’ interest to me however (I couldn’t help that). Thanks for the goes up!

Check out They are fresh to the online movie editing world, but are super effortless and totally FREE!!

Maybe should have reviewed Clesh – was around then and is around now 🙂

not free, truly…,

none of the stuff is there except for One True Media…,. but i attempted it and i hated it so…,. this somewhat stinks.

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