Together Dating Service Celebrates 30 Years of Matchmaking

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The worldÂ,?s largest introduction service, Together Dating, can now be referred to as the longest standing introduction service in the U.S. With a total of 60 locations and affiliates via North America, Together Dating Service celebrates their 30th year of matchmaking.


ItÂ,?s official. The worldÂ,?s largest introduction service, Together Dating, can now be referred to as the longest standing introduction service in the U.S. With a total of 60 locations and affiliates via North America, Together Dating Service celebrates their 30th year of matchmaking.

Â,?Over the past 30 years, we have seen the dating service industry evolve, from a proliferation of private ads to innumerable online dating services. As the worldÂ,?s largest Â,?brick and mortarÂ,? introduction service, Together proceeds to position itself as an industry leader with a recognizable name that customers can trust. That quality assurance has been, and will remain, the key to our success and what sets it apart from other private introduction services,Â,? said Brad Megahan, President of Together Dating Service.

He continued, Â,?Early on, we found that security and personalization were the two most significant things clients sought. We concentrate on customer service, customer service and customer service, striving to provide the highest quality matchmaking service within the industry. That commitment to our members has played a significant role in our longevity.Â,?


Together Dating Service, headquartered in Baltimore, MD was founded in 1974 in Rochester, Fresh York. The company began franchising in 1981, and instantaneously experienced explosive growth as the number of single folks in the U.S. approached 80 million in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1997, Together Dating Service corporate underwent a significant reorganization as franchisee Brad Megahan took the reigns as the companyÂ,?s President.

Paul Falzone, who served as Together Dating Fresh England general manager from 1989 to 1990, was responsible for 14 offices in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine. In late 1990, Falzone bought Together DatingÂ,?s Massachusetts and Rhode Island business and opened extra franchises over the next eight years. He later struck out on his own to launch his own company, known as The Right One.


On April 1, 1999 the North American branches of Together Dating merged with national offices of The Right One, resulting in a partnership that has created the largest private introduction service in the United States. The alliance is a marriage of convenience for customers — suggesting a more consistent product, a greater number of potentially compatible mates and more plasticity in transferring memberships to another geographic region.

The key to Together Dating and The Right One’s success is its mix of both computer-aided personality profiling and old-fashioned matchmaking – a combination that has

resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction. Together Dating and The Right One are winners of numerous Better Business Bureau awards from around the country, and have been responsible for thousands of marriages over the past 30 years.

Now celebrating their 30th anniversary, Together Dating and The Right One have an ambitious plan to open inbetween 12-24 fresh offices a year. Together and The Right One have more than 125,000 members Â,? many of whom have their memberships on hold while they take the time to explore a successful relationship. With more than 500 employees, Together and The Right One gross more than $45 million a year in revenue.

North American locations and affiliates of Together are: California (Encino, Irvine and Los Angeles), Florida (Palm Beach), Indiana (Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, South Arch), Kansas (Wichita and Kansas City), Louisiana (Fresh Orleans), Maryland (Columbia, Frederick), Minnesota (Minneapolis), Nevada (Reno), Fresh Hampshire (Hooksett, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem), Fresh Jersey (Bridgewater, Clark, Colts Neck and Lawrenceville), Ohio (Cincinnati), Pennsylvania (Mechanicsburg), South Carolina (Greenville), South Dakota (Sioux Falls), Texas (San Antonio, Beaumont and Houston) and Virginia (Falls Church).

The Right OneÂ,?s offices and affiliates located via the United States include: California (San Diego), Colorado (Colorado Springs, Denver), Florida (Boca, Tampa), Georgia (Atlanta), Hawaii (Honolulu), Illinois (Downers Grove, Rockford and Bloomington), Iowa (Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Bettendorf), Nebraska (Omaha and Lincoln), Fresh Jersey (Cherry Hill, Hackensack), Massachusetts (Hingham, Chestnut Hill, Shrewsbury and Woburn), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Monroeville), Rhode Island (Warwick), Wisconsin (Madison, Appleton), Texas (Dallas, Austin).

For more information about Together Dating and The Right One, please visit their websites at and, or call

(800) 348-DATE (3283).

(Editor note: For interviews with the colorful and articulate Paul A. Falzone, CEO of The Right One and Together and author of a latest book on the history of dating, please contact Steve Dubin, PR Works, at (781) 878-9533 or, by e-mail, at [email protected])

CONTACT: Steve Dubin, PR Works, (781) 878-9533, [email protected]

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