Single Boys in Fresh Zealand

Fresh Zealand Single Dudes

I live abot 30 minutes west of Cleveland, Ohio. I love watching to playing basketball, baseball, football, mini golf, billiards, and foolsball. Also like road trips, roller coasters, music with a hammer and good movies. No kids and I dont smoke.

hey there hows it goin? lets see alittle about me. well im presently in the navy my base is right outside of Malibu which is nice, im originally from Ga. so im tryin to meet fresh people out here,i am effortless going, and attempt to stay drama free as much as possible.

About me, well lets see. I live in northern Minnesota. I work as a firefighter for the Duluth Fire Department. Im a glad, funny, caring person with a good personality. I love to laugh and make other people laugh.

I truly love the outdoors. I love hiking, biking,and camping the most. I am presently going to school to get my AD in Hospitality Management. I have worked in the hospitality field for 15 years and have got the pleasure of working in some beautiful areas.

Hello everybody I am David I hope to meet the one. I am bashful at very first after I get to know some one more I get more open. I hpoe to hear from you soon. I am looking for a lovely lady inbetween the ages of 25 and 45. I am looking for a long term relationship that would Leeds up to marriage someday. Here is my info so you can get ahold of me. I don’t have access to ema il hear on this site but I want to get in touch with you so prayers use my privet address or text me at the number that I provided which is also my phone number. I hope to hear from you soon.


Me? Risk taker, frequently slip through on a crimson. I like to live life on the edge to a certain degree and I’m enormously independent and ambitious. On here to meet fresh female friends and be entertained. I live near Croydon incase your wondering. Over 30s need not apply. Sorry.

what to say,i hate this part but here we freinds say of me,that i am fair,loyal,funny good to be around,empathic.I love to have a good time,i want to love and be loved,not intrested in others buisnes unless i can help,but most of all want to have as much a peaceful life as possible,hope you.

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even sending this bouquet of love I?m sending this bouquet of love To say that I love you so much I hope I say it often enough I want you to know it?s true.

And Shepards we shall be, For Thee my Lord for Thee, Power hath descended forthfrom thy arm, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy guideline. We Shall flow a sea forward to thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patris, Et Filii, et Spiritu

Hello! I’m a single busy professional, I have my own home, cars, and a sense of escapade. I am very glad with who, and where I am in my life, and it would be awesome to share it with someone special. Is it you?? Cheers

I’m pretty laid back, I attempt not to let things get the best of me. Life is how we choose to make it. I work for a contractor with the government, and I indeed love it. I listen to almost any kind of music and love watching just about any kind of movie.

from NYC but i am station in TeXas. I am a Military Man i serve the people of the united states, and you know that there say about that. That been Texas every thing is biggggger in texas. I was born in the caribbean and moved to the Big Apple

Its joy to be me. I travel &, I LOVE doing business &, kicking off fresh ones. I seek thrills, and venture, but at night home loosening is just as joy for me too. I am very abstract in thinking. love to play with ideas and think theoretically. I tend to be open-minded to fresh and ",unusual", ideas

214 pnds, single and looking for my miss right who i will one day lodge down with and begin a family together. i’m Five’7,i used to be a writer and i work for my folks. i love kids and can’t wait to have some of my own and most of all i love lovemaking.

I am simply a Christian man, I live each day as best I can. Without beg each day, we as a people are fated. IN GOD I TRUST. Also, being a former soldier. ",Leave no man behind.", The United States Ranger Battalion creed is my motto.

6’1", 220 pounds, light hazel eyes. I like to love life to the fullest without going over the edge. I like travelling, sports, railing my motorcycle, and stringing up out on the beach. I also love staying in and a watching a good movie from time to time.

ok, so i eventually got a fresh computer, one that can do all the cool stuff the old one couldn’t. the only problem is i don’t know how to do any of it, so anyone who has suggestions and helpful hints for making this page all pretty and musical should speak up! so real quick about me. i wo

fair and kick back type of person.i love watching football and most sports. dont go out much but when i do get chance i attempt. not truly into these games people play , ijust dont have the patients nor time to deal with it. hopeing to find someone with the same intrests.

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