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With the creation of social movie sharing networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Vine, editing and making movies stopped being the special domain of professionals. All you need right now is a good computer system and bingo you are a movie editor. In fact, this is not the only option available. You can also edit your movies to your heart’s content without downloading and installing any software – all you require is a decent connection to the internet. There are several websites that permit you upload your pics, raw movie footage and sound and tweak it to your content then publish it where you will (or not publish if you so determine). In this article we are going to talk about top Ten most recommended movie editing solutions that you can access online if you have a decent internet connection.

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Top Ten Best Online Movie Editors

Updated: From 20th September 2017 users will no longer be able to use the complimentary editing suite. Check the best YouTube movie editor alternatives from this accomplish guide.

#1. YouTube Movie Editor

It is one of the most widely used movie editor implement over internet. Using YouTube Movie Editor you can lightly share your edited projects with millions of viewers connected to YouTube channel. This effortless to use movie editor instrument not only cuts movie clips to any required length but at the same time it can combine several movie clips, photos or audio clips into single file to create customized project. It has Pan and Zoom feature along with capability to adjust text overlays on movie clips as well as it can assist users to update contrast and brightness level for movies.

#Two. WeVideo

WeVideo is a collective online movie creation implement. This means that you can have several people working on a project at any given time. There is a lot of joy to be had in the collaborative environment fostered in WeVideo. Another fine thing about WeVideo is the google drive app. You do not have to worry about taking up space on your computer to save incomplete projects, the WeVideo google drive lets you save all your projects, finish or incomplete directly to your google drive account. The Android app also permits you to capture raw footage for your projects directly from your phone.

#Trio. PowToon

PowToon is a excellent way to create movies that will serve an explanatory purpose. If you need a movie that is to serve as a sort of guide or teacher then PowToon is undoubtedly the website you want to use. It permits you use what is essentially a digital version of paper cut-outs superimposed on colourful backgrounds. The haul and drop style editing leaves you with a movie reminiscent of the Common Craft style. You can choose to select one of PowToon’s many drawings of people and objects, which you can then arrange on a blank canvas or on a colourful background of your choice. The only catch in using PowToon is that you only get to create or edit 45 seconds worth of movie at any given time unless you choose to purchase the total version.

#Four. Wideo

Wideo is another excellent site for creating regular movies, animated movies and other Common Craft-esque movies. Using the haul and drop elements of the website’s editing service, you create a sequence of animations. Wideo permits you to use the different elements as many times as you want to create your movie and unlike some websites, you are not limited to using stock elements (text, cartoons, drawings, and photos) and components. You are free to upload you own pictures, movie footage as well as audio files.

#Five. ClipChamp

It is fairly lighter to get best results for record, convert and movie compression needs using Clip Champ software implement. The best part is that its intuitive work platform permits beginners to accomplish their movie editing within very less time and the output can be directly collective on popular social media sites like Movie, Facebook, YouTube and Google Drive etc. Ordinary haul and drop features permit users to trim, crop, rotate and roll movies as per their need. Further, it is also possible to adjust brightness, saturation and contrast with ease.

#6. Online Movie Cutter

This intuitive web application shows up user friendly and works online with all advanced editing implements. Users can lightly rotate their movies to 90, 180 or even 270 degrees, crop them, trim or apply several professional style editing features to create incredible projects. It can lightly treat maximum file size of 500MB and permit users to access any popular media file format with ease. It is free to use and you can access all advanced features even without buying any license.

#7. Kizoa

Kizoa is well recognised for its broad set of transition effects and that can assist users to develop professional style movies with ease. Library of Kizoa is loaded with lots of animations that can be used to customize movies as per specific needs of particular editing projects. You will find it much lighter to personalize several details of movie clips like position, size, duration and timing etc. There is no need to register to access all these incredible features so most of professionals as well as beginners choose to use Kizoa for their routine needs.

#8. Creaza

Creaza can help all age groups with its interesting set of movie editing devices. One can write thesis over it, develop school projects as well as work on family movies with broad customization options. This online movie editor is available for free and several functions are merged interactively on its dashboard. Users can get began by simply signing in with their account. You can choose any of the Four different editing contraptions as per need of your project, the list includes Audio Editor, Movie Editor, Cartoonist and Mindomo.

#9. Movie Toolbox

Movie Toolbox, touted as the future of movie editing is a free online platform that in addition to editing your movie files analyses it and gives you very detailed information about the bit rate, codec, framework rate, and resolution. It can also convert your movie file to whatever movie format you need it in. this good online platform can only treat about 600MB of movie files but that still gives you a lot of movie to play around with.

#Ten. Magisto

Magisto is a superb app that is truly popular for automatically turning what would otherwise be an everyday type movie into a beautiful poignant movie. It is user friendly and very quick with all the implements you’d expect from a software you hocked your kidney to buy.

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what do you think about magisto

Thanks for the implements. Seems fairly helpful to make a movie. I will attempt it as movie marketing is good for SEO.

Renderforest is pretty good too. Are there any editing systems that don’t have their watermark in the movie for using the free version? Thanks! Also the YouTube editor officially ended as of yesterday.

Does anyone know of any online movie JOINERS (like # 6 up here, except you JOIN clips together). meaning, you do the joining online, and you don’t have to download any programs to your computer.

Good list of movie editing sites. site no.Four wideo is very attempt it. Thank u for sharing

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best movie editor that I ever used. Thanks for the team.

Thanks. How about cost and limitations for free versions?

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