Is it a date or not? Here are 10 true signs to tell

Is it really a date or are you just hanging out as friends? When you like someone but still not sure if they like you back, it is always full of doubts and wonders about the way they feel about you.

Almost always, it’s pretty clear to understand is it a date or are you still in a friend zone. But it requires some signs you should look for before, during and even after the date.

The easiest ways to find out is it a date or not is… ask it!

  • Wanna go to the movies tonight?
  • Is it a date?

Seems pretty natural, huh?

Though, it’s obvious that not everyone has the courage to ask something like this. But don’t worry. There are some other signs to look for.

Fancy clothes

Well, they don’t necessarily have to be fancy but there will be something unusual of the way your date dresses up. No one comes to the first date in a pair of ripped jeans and an old T-shirt. It might be something about the new clothes, or shoes, or a new hairstyle, but you will definitely notice it.

The place

The place for your date (or not date) matters as well. It must be something different from your previous hangouts. It might even seem too posh or extravagant like going to a fancy restaurant. But it’s not about the food but about the difference you notice about it.


Is your date nervous more than usual? Is his/her behavior seems weird or different how they have behaved usually? Though, it’s not only about the nervousness but also about how your date cares about what you think, what you say or how do you like this evening.


Gentle touches are what makes a date real. Trying to get closer to each other, keeping an awkward silence – are the pretty good signs that it’s not just a hangout but something more.


Even if you’ve known each other before that doesn’t mean that you should avoid questions. You have known each other as friends before but if you are going to start a romantic relationship you’d like to find out more about each other.

The conversation

You don’t talk about your common friends or common topics that you usually discuss with friends. On the date, you are focused only on each other and all your conversations lead that way.


Paying compliments is always kind of a sign that you are more than friends. Even if it’s common among your friends to compliment each other you will easily recognize a “date compliment” type by the way they are said it and the nervous pause afterward.

Paying the bill

If the guy insists on paying the bill it is one of the clearest signs that you are on a date.

Attention to details

If this is a date, your partner will be more attentive to what you like and what you don’t like and how to make this evening perfect for you. If he/she really cares whether this restaurant/movie/food was good for you, it’s probably more than just a simple hang out.

Next date

It’s not about just one evening that you’ve spent together. If it was a date and it was successful you both will want more. So, if your friend is really anticipating your next meeting and wants to know when he/she will see you next time, it’s one more sign that it was a date.

There will be no wonders is it a date or just a hangout if you’ll learn how to read between lines. And if you have feelings for this person and it seems like he/she feels the same way, it’s always better to tell about it clearly in the first place.

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