How To Meet Ladies in Four Effortless Steps

When I very first began learning how to date and pick up women, one thing I always struggled with was learning how to meet chicks.

I mean, I knew exactly what to say to a dame that I happened to meet by chance, I knew what to text a woman to get her out on a date with me, and I knew what to talk to women about when I got them on a date with me.

But what I didn’t know and continued to fight with, was meeting women who I personally found attractive and amazing.

Rapid forward to today, and I now know exactly how to meet a woman, lightly and consistently.

This post aims to demonstrate you my best tips and tactics to meeting women more lightly and reliably.

The Four Elementary Steps To Meeting More Women Right Now…,

I have Four ordinary steps that will help you meet more damsels beginning today. They are:

  • Get Out Of The House And Go Where Beautiful Women Shop and Suspend Out at…,..
  • Concentrate On The Women Who Are Looking To Be Seduced…,
  • Treatment Those Women In A Certain Manner With A Sexy Vibe…,
  • Get Their Phone Number and Plan To Meet Them Again Sometime in The Very Near Future Or Take Them On An Instant-Date

I’ll explain each in greater detail below…,

Leave Your House And Go Where The Women Are…,

This should seem rather visible, but you’re not going to meet the women you want and desire by sitting at home on the couch, twiddling your thumbs. You’ve got to leave your house and put yourself into the position to meet those chicks whom you find attractive.

That means finding out where attractive women usually suspend out at during the daytime and going to those places to meet them.

The best places that I have personally found to meet many attractive women is at Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Beaches, and even On The Street.

All you have to do is leave your house, open your eyes, and see a massive sea of attractive single women just waiting to meet a charming, slick fellow to seduce and talk to them.

On top of all of that, most guys don’t have the ball-sac nor the confidence to simply walk up to an attractive woman during the daytime and embark a conversation with her. Most boys are too Afraid of Getting Rejected to do that.

By simply being a man who is able to treatment a woman during the daytime and talk to her like it’s no big deal, instantly separates you from 95% of the guys walking the earth and who she is used to talking to and interacting with.

Concentrate On The Women Who Are Looking To Be Seduced…,

Part of this simply comes from practice and being out in the field, but being able to tell the difference inbetween a damsel who is open to being talked to and picked up, and a chick who is closed off and not in a position to be picked up will save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration.

A woman who is open to being talked to and picked up will (usually) be alone and by herself. She will be looking around her environment and observing much more than a woman who is closed off would. She won’t be afraid to give you strong protracted eye contact when you look inwards her direction, etc.

A woman who is closed off and unavailable to being picked up will (usually) be surrounded by a bunch of her friends, be talking on her cell phone, emerge to be in a hurry or a rush, will attempt to avoid making any eye contact with anybody, etc.

Being able to quickly and reliably identify which women are open to being picked up will make your seductions and life a heck of a lot lighter. Meeting damsels for you will simply become a ordinary, effortless to do process.

But finding and identifying whick damsels would like to get talked to and picked up is one thing. You must also know…,

How To Treatment Those Woman With Confidence and A Sexy Vibe…,

Witnessing women is one thing. Having the nut sack to treatment them is a entirely different thing, and it’s one that demolishes most dudes’s chances of ever meeting and attracting the women they truly want into their lives.

Whenever you spot an attractive woman you would like to talk to, I want you to treatment her in less than Five seconds. You will only give yourself Five seconds to appproach that adorable dame that you spot in public.

What you say isn’t all that significant. What IS significant is that you don’t chicken out by talking yourself out of the treatment. Which is the reason for my Five 2nd rule. By only providing yourself Five seconds to treatment a woman, you will prevent yourself by making excuses and talking yourself out of approaching.

This WILL take effort for the very first few approaches that you force yourself to do, but after that approaching women becomes effortless (and joy), You will automatically spot a female you personally find attractive, your brain will begin to subconsciously force you to want to meet and treatment her, and you WILL treatment and talk to her.

The hardest thing is getting that very first treatment out of the way, after that, you begin to look forward to finding out how many lovely women you can treatment and meet in ONE day.

Then it’s simply a matter of…,

Getting Their Phone Number and Taking Them On A Date (Or To Your Place)…,

So you’ve left the house, you’ve identified which women were open to meeting dudes and getting picked up, and you’ve actually approached them. All you have to do now is get their phone number and take them on a date, or bring them right back to your place.

Here’s how you determine which plan of act to take…,

After meeting a female and approaching her, one of the very first things you should ask her early on in the conversation is “So What Do You Have Planned For Later Today?”

You’re asking her this question for Two reasons:

For 1) this question will catch her off guard because she isn’t used to most fellows being this direct and asking her questions this rapid in an interaction and for Two) If you’ve done a good enough job attracting her and getting her nosey, she will usually say that she doesn’t have anything too significant planned for the rest of the day.

Once you hear this, invite her out to get a cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat, and then after a few hours of having a good conversation and connecting, invite her back to your place.

But what if she isn’t free to suspend out for the rest of the day?

Well. once you ask her that question and she tells you that she is busy and already has something planned for later today that could mean Two things.

  1. One is you didn’t do a good enough job of attracting her and capturing her interest so she isn’t indeed all that interested. Or…,
  2. Two is she genuinely IS busy later on in the evening and simply CAN’T dangle out with you later on that day.

Whichever screenplay it is, all you must do is simply grab her phone number and plan to send her a text and set up a date later on in the week. If she doesn’t react to your text message that you send her, then she most likely wasn’t truly interested to begin with. If she DOES react, then you arrange a meetup and get her back to your place on Date #1.

Meeting women isn’t hard provided you are able to put yourself inwards of the right position to both meet more sexy women and also seduce them. If you can simply concentrate your efforts on…,

  1. Getting Out Of The House And Going Where The Women Are
  2. Identifying and Finding Out Which Women Are Open To Being Seduced
  3. Approaching Those Women With A Confidence Behavior And Sexy Vibe
  4. And Getting Their Phone Number and A Date (Or Taking Them Back To Your Place)

Then you will fight no longer with meeting the women you most want and desire. Now all you need to do is take activity and go after the tips in this post and you’ll be meeting beautiful women in no time.

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