Ways To Meet Women Outside Of Bars

The Ten Best Places To Meet Women (That Aren’t A Bar)

If you don’t have a lot of practice in the matter, meeting women can seem challenging, especially as studs are still expected to initiate things in many cases.

Meeting people at bars can be a shot in the dark, because you indeed have no idea if you’ll have anything in common with each other (other than a predilection for tequila shots). You might worry that this stranger you’ve just met is just using you for free drinks, or just wants attention and isn’t interested in taking things any further than flirtation.

But the reality is there are single women everywhere, and they too are looking for relationships (and sometimes, no-strings-attached hookups, for that matter).

Yes, it can be intimidating to begin a conversation with a woman you don&rsquo,t know, but unless she has that &ldquo,don&rsquo,t-talk-to-me-or-risk-death&rdquo, face, she might be game for a little witty banter. The worst thing that can happen is that she has a bf or she&rsquo,s not interested.

That being said, if you’re a busy dude, you should know that the fastest and simplest way to meet women is going online. Regardless of how old you are or what kind of women you’re into, online dating sites are a surer and smarter way of approaching women that meeting them in public, which is more likely to get you labeled a creep by women who are going about their days and not looking to be hit on. With that in mind, here are the top online dating sites AskMen recommends:


AskMen Recommends: You may not recognize the name, but Zoosk is AskMen’s top-ranked online dating site. It boasts a sizable user base and a site (and app) that’s effortless to use, as well as a serious collection of state-of-the-art features, Zoosk is hard to hammer when it comes to finding love.


AskMen Recommends: Yes, Match has been around for a long time — since 1995, in fact. However, it’s hardly some dusty relic of online dating. The site offers users a premium practice when it comes to both features and members, making it a excellent option for anyone who’s looking for the juice of the dating crop.


AskMen Recommends: If you’re looking for hookup rather than a relationship, you might want to choose FriendFinder-X over Zoosk or Match. FF-X is a hookup site that concentrates on your desires in the bedroom rather than everything else. In terms of features, you can message other users, sure, — but you can also live-broadcast, for example, while the ",What&rsquo,s Hot", section highlights the top-rated pictures, profiles and movies on the site.

Still want to attempt your luck the old-fashioned way? If you insist. here are Ten places to meet a woman outside of bars.

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