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2015, Three seasons to date

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In an attempt to get closer to Josh, Rebecca throws a housewarming party despite her lack of social connections in West Covina and a childhood fear of hosting parties. When Paula ultimately convinces her, the party turns out to be nothing like they anticipated.

In an attempt to get her mind off of Josh, Rebecca flirts with notions of having lovemaking with a stranger and lodging for Greg. Meantime, Heather studies Rebecca for her psychology class, and Josh attempts to land a fresh job.

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Rebecca finds herself ripped inbetween two studs. As the sign she is looking for is seemingly in front of her, she knows she',s meant to choose Josh – or is it Greg? Paula finds herself also fighting with a big decision.

Heather comes to Rebecca',s rescue after a major mishap and Rebecca attempts to reinvent herself. Paula is left to pick up the chunks at work and finds herself at a crossroads.

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After the initial rush and exhilaration of telling Josh off at the church, Rebecca realizes that she told him everything, information that he could use to incriminate her against everyone she knows. Her anxiety kicks into high gear, it manifesting itself in she having herself to who to talk. Her alter ego informs her that that incriminating information would be worth even more to Josh if she goes through with the lawsuit. So she has to figure out a way to stop Paula from working on it without telling her the real reason why. Things take a turn when Rebecca learns that.

In feeling that her friends are ganging up on her in the revelation about her past life with Robert, Rebecca goes into hiding. In hiding, Rebecca, stemming from a discussion with who will be her fresh confidante, Jarl, a movie buff, especially of the movies of Danish-Americans who have made it big in Hollywood, Rebecca goes on a fresh mission with regard to Josh. The question in her matter becomes how far she will go to achieve her purpose, and if Josh, who is attempting to comeback to some normalcy and stability in his life, will realize what Rebecca is doing before it',s too late.

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