I have dated 7 women in Four years, and I’m just now turning Nineteen.

Introduction: How to Meet Chicks.

There are several rules and ways to introduce yourself to women and i will tell you how.

Step 1: Taunt.

Reminisce the key is to be open. You need to hit on every female you see that is nice or a potential gf. If you fail you get the individual practice.

Step Two: Make the Date.

Now you have a beautiful damsels email, or maybe many. Email them and get there myspace or aim so you can have a more instant conversation. You can talk to her and make dates which can be done by simply emailing her, “Want to go for lunch on Sunday”. If she says yes then begin to make details like where to eat and make sure you determine none of this “where would you” like crap. Don’t make it yam-sized, have lunch at the local diner or even a burger joint.

Step Trio: 4-12 Hours.

The 4-12 hour rule states that you must touch lip to lip with this female within 4-12 hours of suspending which means if you talk with her on aim for 1 hour that is one our, if you go to lunch for Trio hours you are at Four. If you don’t smooch her within this time framework you are in the friend zone and its for pretty much forever.

Step Four: Smooch.

I can’t stress enough that you need to be certain, even a tad cocky. There are many ways you can obtain a smooch. One is that you ask her for it but like this, “Did you want to smooch me?” and if she says no say, “Oh you were acting like you desired me to.” and drop it. But if she says yes lean in and make it a 3-4 2nd smooch, no tongue, just a tad long peck.

Just like Hitch i leave you to work from here. Blessed Dating.


‘Recall the key is to be open. You need to hit on every lady you see that is adorable or a potential gf. If you fail you get the individual practice.

This sounds like a guideline for shopping or something. Chicks do not want a boy who only looks out for ‘lovely’ damsels. This is a matter of the heart, we ladies are not objects to pick up. Where did ‘True Love’ go?

Guys, this is NOT what damsels want. We want someone who is sensitive, yet masculine. We do not want ‘cocky’.

And I do not get the Four/12 rule. There is no set amount of time for when you should smooch. And if there is no love, a thousand smooches cannot help. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, take your time, love each other’s company.

I personally think that this is just a way to get hookup. Not for relationships.

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Wow. Boys are truly stupid to listen to this. This makes me sad that to get attention you taunt. That’s the opposite of what we (damsels) want.

So What’s the good idea ? you tell me . This duo month ago i couldn’t talk to any female

ask for the ‘give me cheek smooch’ then go for the lips is a better idea

I read alot of the comments, and there all good but here is what I do and how it works for me. “1st I find a nice lady who is most likely around a boy or Two but mainly with a duo of her ladies friends, this way I can do something I like to call -Dominance Control- and what this is, is just me being pushy not aggressive to the other masculines in the group. All this does is give a natural feel of a leader to the women of the group, this does alot for you! To introduce your self to the group plain do the very first peak, like ask “Where is the other mall” if there is one, or “I’m fresh here do you know where the coolest spot to hangout is like a bar or club?” When they explain to you how or react in general, find something to take the conversation to another. If you lose the conversation just go “nice talking to you, later!” and walk away, walk around a bit if you see her and she notices you and responds to your presence in anyway, your good, go for it, if not just let it be. Another thing is when you go for the question, don’t ask it. Better yet give her your number before you leave! This shows that your pushy in a nice way, that you still take control even over them, but your not a douche. When you give them your number just say, “Call me later we will go do something” or anything along the lines of that. When the ladies get a hold of that number its like a kid with a fresh fucktoy because once they get the fresh fucktoy they wanna attempt it out and see what all it can do! So they WILL call you. I do these few starters and end’ers and EVERY time so far it has worked! I have dated 7 damsels in Four years, and I’m just now turning Nineteen. I went from being the boy who was the man who everyone didn’t mess with, to being the dude who talked to everyone and every female. I became Popular. Being popluar helps also attract women because they see you as a leader and like i said women always want a leader. Just so they can display you off! 😀 The most significant thing of all of this, just to keep everything good, is SMILE. If you don’t everyone who sees you will feel that you are certain and average. You don’t want this, so go after my bit of advise, I hoped it helps, and stay out there never give up. No one is meant to be alone!

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i dont truly get the 4-12 rule that he is talking about, can someone please explain that for me?

It’s kind of sad that I’m looking up on how to meet ladies haha. But I’ve never been in a relationship at 22 years old. I’m still a cherry but I don’t truly care about that honestly. I just want a relationship and whatever happens from there, happens. I’ve attempted so much over the past few years but nothing for me works. About 90% of the time, a doll tells me I’m too brief. I’m Five’Three and that is brief for a fellow but what do I do?

Any advice would be appreciated but I’ve attempted a lot. Going up to a damsel and asking a question like in the example. I just get a cold hard stare and she walks away. I don’t get it.

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Not my Instructable, but we are talking about WOMEN here, not damsels. Four to 12 hours of dating time has been studied by sociologists and psychologists. The clock starts at the very first date. If you miss your window you put yourself in the ‘Friend Zone’.

just about verbatim in the game, except he had better strategies. this is basically paraphrasing one of its main points.

What is “the game?”

are you attempting to be adorable or something? or are you honestly claiming that you are downright original in this, and not blatantly tearing off a national best seller?

No i am dead serious i have no clue. i think i have heard of it. This movie?

and if its not i am not being adorable i gravely dont know anything other than tht movie. i witnessed it once when i was like 8

no, this one. The Game and I don’t belive that you haven’t heard of it before.

I haven’t heard of it either.

I haven’t heard of it before.

I agree. This is like a basic “routine” from a pick up artist. and the rabbit slot gets WAY deeper than this.

wow boys sooo un-true i only date boy’s who were my friends very first.dotn listen to him.wow

You are the exception, not the rule. The women I have known think you aren’t interested enough or are feeble if you don’t make a budge in this time period. The bright side is, you are very likely be a better gf than most females. Good for you.:)

No, all the women I know go after what leeellis wrote. If they get kissed in the very first 4-12 hours, they likely will think of you as a “creeper” or “stalker,” even if you aren’t.

hmm interesting (im not here for advice wanna see what this guys says

You never ask a female for a smooch. The cheek is okay. But if your going for lip activity, don’t ask for it. But also don’t go for it unless it is the right time.

how do you indeed know when it is the right time to smooch someone?

DO NOT attempt to smooch the doll within Four -12 hours or you will get smacked. Certainly not the brightest advice I’ve heard and “friend zone” is not for ever, you can totally hit if off later after you know each other a bit longer.

yea but im not attempting the turn your head one ive seen people get slaped

I attempted the turn your head one, worked beautifully. Sometimes you gotta take the risk!

The thing with escorts tho’, THEY COST MONEY. If you have enough money to be getting the most beautiful chicks in the country, then perhaps you should attempt getting into an actual relationship, rather than paying for lovemaking, which is a tad bit distasteful.

the food looks good

Yes, Neal Strauss and Mystery (another dating guru) both have utter (college like) courses on meeting women (look up the Mystery Method). You learn how to get a dame to take interest in you, how to escalate that interest into touching, smooching and bonding with a female and eventually closing the deal all within a few hours (4-12 hours). You also learn to become a real man. If you’re into meeting beautiful women and having them take interest in you, learning from these guys is a good embark, however they are not the final word on this subject.

Or, “Nice boots, wanna f*ck?” can help get the doll.

im just bored and replying to stuff dats indeed old and kinda typing random stuff exept now now its not random or is it maybe it is IDK can someone help me?

I wonder wat would be a best way to ask them out

how about this, “hey, I indeed like you. Wanna be my gf?” it’s so effortless, you’re just making it seem hard by adding to your fear of rejection. it’s not that hard

If you go up to a stranger and say that, the response will ALWAYS be no. Even if they’re desperate. But if you know them then Right-O.

very good stuff. if you want her to go further than just smooching all you have to do is get her to go in for a smooch and than turn your head so she only gets your cheek. aka play hard to get, works almost everytime

maybe if you’re a wank. i wouldn’t go after a stud who did that to me. I would be ripped apart if someone did that to me

Not even close to what want. I wouldn’t date a man that needs to make a budge that early in the relationship. A chick wants to be respected. With the advice you have, the chick is going to turn the dude down.

truth be told, I think more chicks are like you than this example. I gotta admit however, he is making it sound like more of a way to be a very effortless lay. He is right about one thing: the friend zone is an awful place to be if you are truly interested in hookup. However, I think it is a lot lighter to get out of the friend zone than it is the “you are just like my sister” zone.

this fellow knows what he’s talking about. once you’re in the “older/ junior or just plain brother category” you will NEVER get out. you’re better off in the “friend” category, you at least have a chance of getting out

you are totally right, man. i’m on the ‘you are just like my sister’ zone and it’s horrible man. it’s so hard to get of that zone!

Very beautiful advice Smarty i like your sugestion Lol

that’s all good and dandy, I’m not so sure about getting just an email. whatever happened to good old fashioned phone numbers?

this is very bad advice. you should consider looking into other ways of “hooking up” with chicks because this is something relatively few women would go for.

I don’t know about this strategy, Leave behind the email dude, go for her number, as a matter of fact f**k her number and give her yours That 4-12 hours can work, but it can also get you spanked. How about you all go check out my original series. “HOW TO: get a gf” parts 1, Two, and Trio yours truly King

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