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Real Man Gets Roasted Alive On Facebook Over Ridiculous Post About Finding Gf

This particularly outlandish, deattached-from-reality Facebook post from a ridiculous excuse for a man about being ‘a real man’ got people (expectedly) fired up. The grammar/spelling is a 3rd grade teacher’s worst nightmare, and you can practically picture the mouthbreather of a ‘man’ self-righteously typing this one out.

Woman Tweets Brutal Vengeance Story About Her Terrible Ex-Boyfriend

This might very well go down as the greatest Shakespearean vengeance saga of our time. We’re just back here, grateful that Sarah determined to take to Twitter to share her hilarious tale of why you should ALWAYS listen to your gf. It’s pretty much unquestionable that the bf here learned his lesson in the harshest, most brutal manner possible.

Boy’s Thirsty Ex-Girlfriend Harasses Him For a Hookup and Won’t Take No For an Response

This dude’s thirsty ex wouldn’t accept that he just wasn’t interested in getting back together for a hookup. Normally we see these conversations going the other way, so this is a nice switch.

These Are The Worst And Most Hilarious Cheating Stories From 2017

As people’s lives become all the more obsessively intertwined with social media, cheaters are finding it tighter and firmer to get away with their deeds. These stories where social media ultimately spotlighted cheaters attempting to get away with their bullsh*t will leave you grateful your not a part of any of this madness.

Grandma’s Sweet Introduction Text To Grandson’s Gf Escalates Quickly

You’ve gotta love these unexpected, hilariously awkward little gems that are tied to pop up inbetween an eccentric, loving grandmother and the poor ‘ol grandson/granddaughter’s significant other. In grandma’s defense, she clearly took a liking to her grandson’s gf, and is only promoting awareness of her health!

32 Hilarious Texts From Ex’s That Will Make You Shudder

These ex’s aren’t getting along and they might just remind you of people from YOUR past.

Horrific Very first Date Finishes In Woman Ruining Millionaire’s Mansion

You could rightfully say that this very first date escalated quickly, ultimately amounting to disturbingly pricey levels of destruction. I guess this one most likely isn’t going to work out.

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