Ethical cheating site takes aim at nosey couples

The fresh ‘polyamory’ dating site is enlargening users by 100pc a week

8:00AM BST 08 May 2015, a fresh “,ethical cheating”, website, is on target to attract 250,000 members worldwide in its very first year.

The start-up, which promises to “,eliminate the monotony of monogamy”,, claims it has tapped into the “growing trend towards polyamory“, the forming of intimate relationships with more than one person.

The company provides a platform for couples looking to meet like-minded individuals.

The dating site, headquartered in Los Angeles, launched last month and received Ten,000 sign-ups on its very first day from both singles and couples.

“,Open relationships are an under-served market and we want to clean up the space and give people a safe place to meet,”, said founder Brandon Wade.

He believes that polyamory could be the “,best fresh niche”, in a crowded online dating market. “,Open relationships can be found among even the most ‘vanilla’, couples,”, he claimed. “,Our numbers are growing exponentially, up 100pc in the very first week.”,

It is estimated that there are up to Ten,000 dating sites worldwide but just a handful are dedicated to polyamory, including LoveMany and BeyondTwo. “,The other people in this industry are all very vulgar and all about lovemaking,”, claimed Mr Wade. “,We want to cater to those who actually want relationships. This is not a site for hook-ups.”,

The number of polyamorous couples and individuals worldwide is unknown as people are not required to put this information on a census. In order to cater to the growing numbers of polyamorous individuals, the Polyamory Society was launched in 1996, suggesting courses in relationship management and jealousy mitigation.

Mr Wade claimed that by creating, he is making polyamory more socially acceptable, and helping couples to be more fair about their needs. “,This is still a very stigmatised and scrutinised population,”, he said. “,There are more people cheating on their spouses than there are people in open relationships and that’,s what I am seeking to switch.”,

“,While monogamy is certainly not dead, a shift in societal ideals has taken place, as more and more couples are choosing to buck traditions in favour of unconventional relationship configurations.”,’,s subscribers are charged ?Four.95 per month, which decreases when numerous months are purchased.

Mr Wade already runs a dating empire targeting other specific tastes, such as, which helps wealthy studs find junior women, and, for “,generous”, travellers willing to pay the airfares and hotel bills of “,attractive”, playmates. was valued at $10m in 2012.

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