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Two) Click on the “Advanced Search” tab

Three) Choose the attributes you wish to search for

Four) Click on “Go Fishing”

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I can’t say as I understand that POF decision. I don’t think the interest search was ever available on mobile for some reason, most likely programming, so perhaps that is part of it?

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Edit: you can search on some parameters, but it doesn’t honor the smoking / kids / overweight settings.

1) It doesn’t recall intent selections reverting to all intents. Not a big problem, it takes just a few seconds to check long term and dating again.

Two) The search by newest users evidently still sorts pages by last online, then newest users within that page. Better if it sorted the entire shebang by newest users. An effortless tweak in the sql code?

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Clicking linked Interests on a profile does not necessarily demonstrate users who are close by, it’s capable of at the same time demonstrating users of both genders, any age, worldwide. For example, Those results are unique to that function and are different from the results obtained by clicking Begin Interest Search.

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I do like how at the top of the page it still say’s “If you are searching for numerous interests, separate them with a comma.”

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We can do an advanced search, but in particular the interest/keyword section is missing in the Advanced Search.

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Sadly this is totally worthless since it is not limited by country, age or anything else

However, a section at the top emerges which seems to permit you to limit the search to useful stuff like Country, Age, etc and has a box in which you come in an interest.

There are no users in the database with this interest “interest”>

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